Tips for Graduating with a Degree in Poli Sci

In the current economy, where job opportunities may be limited, a student who seeks to graduate with a degree in political science may have trouble pursuing that field as a career. Many people believe that corporations prefer graduates with the more practical business and commercial science degrees, rather than well-educated scholars. 

However, the jobs for political science graduates are still there. For example, President Barack Obama earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbia University, and Vice President Joe Biden was graduated with the same major from the University of Delaware. Apparently they put their studies to practical use and are having impressive careers.

Some tips for today’s political science majors may help when you consider how to use the degree and other studies to pursue a successful career.

1. Choose the best institution: Check with your current school advisers about colleges and universities with the most comprehensive political science departments. Among other facts you and your parents must consider are tuition, lodging and living expenses, location and social facilities. 
2. Political over-emphasis:  Don’t get too political. That may seem to be a puzzling warning for a new student intent on a career in politics. The reality is that you’ll be bombarded on all sides by college poli sci instructors who may bring their own strong political preferences into the classroom.

Some of the more ardent ones see their positions as indoctrinating students, rather than teaching them fair and balanced views of political systems. In the most simple terms, attend all classes with open eyes and mind, and form the direction you intend to follow, and your own opinions based on unprejudiced knowledge.  

3. Take on a strong minor: The economy isn’t in very good shape now, and by the time you attain your poli sci degree, the job market could be very limited. Enroll for a business or science minor, and when you earn your degree, you’ll open more opportunities. You’ll be able to put together a resume that will make you a more attractive candidate for business and industrial jobs.

After considering all the factors, you may choose a business or science major. You’ll still be able to enjoy courses in poly sci as your important, but minor area of studies.

4. Prepare early: Once you’ve chosen to pursue a career in political science, in your freshman year you should start going beyond the classroom. Explore on-campus internships and assistantships.

Check with government agencies for for-pay or volunteer jobs with city and state officials. Join in on political campaigns and election day duties, and it will enrich your classroom work with everyday practical experience. It will also enhance your resume when your college time is completed.

Graduating with a degree in political science can give you a bright future in your chosen field. However, before you commit to that major, consider all possible implications of going in that direction.