Tips for Improving your Social Life in College

If your social life in college is suffering, you can easily fix it by making yourself even more socially active. This means that you have to put yourself in various places where it is easy for you to meet other people with similar interests.

Attend events

If you know that there is a campus event going on, attend it. Once you are there, do not be afraid to go up to people and be friendly. Communication is the key to establishing any sort of working relationship, whether it is an acquaintance-type relationship or a “best friends”-type relationship. The more you are able to express yourself in a friendly yet assertive manner, the better chances you will have of making new friends.

Join clubs

Become a member of a club. All colleges and universities have various organizations that deal with certain interests. Whether you like volunteering at a local hospital or you like knitting scarves, you can find other people with similar interests with whom you can hopefully make lasting connections. It is not enough to be just sitting at these organizations, however. You have to be a bit talkative and you have to be outgoing. If not, you can miss out on opportunities that may have otherwise been long-lasting relationships.

Meet your friends’ friends

If you already have a few friends, ask them to invite a few of their other friends and have them meet you. Sometimes, you may not like your friends’ friends, and sometimes you may. However, this is an easier way of making friends because you already have some sort of connection. And, since you have the same friend, perhaps you also have similar interests and values.

Be active in class

The more talkative and outgoing you are in class, the more your classmates will want to know about you. Most people who are active and participating in class usually make more friends, because they are seen as extroverts. If you are shy and quiet, you may not make many friends because others may not want to approach you.

In other words, if you want to make more friends or if you want your social life to change for the better, you have to be active in your search. If you just stay at home and wait for the opportunities or friends to come to you, you will not improve your social life.