Tips for Making the Transition to Graduate School

The transition to graduate school requires students to assume a much higher quality of scholarship. The expectations are, therefore, greater than in undergraduate school. Preparing yourself for a more mature and professional educational experience can fulfill these expectations.

It will be very important for you to stay highly organized as you make the transition to graduate school. Everything that you accomplished in undergraduate school will be escalated. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the requirements for reading, research and the overload of writing.

Prepare your workspace before your first semester so that you can easily and comfortably settle in for the increase of schoolwork you’ll be asked to do. Comfort is extremely important since graduate school can be like a sudden blizzard of writing, research and projects. Your desk area should be as spacious as possible so you’re able to work with your books and notes easily. Calendars with due dates clearly marked are essential.

Make sure you have a capable, operational computer available to you. If you don’t have a computer yourself be sure you have easy access to computer labs at your school or whatever is the most convenient for you. Not only will most of your work be computer based, most schools utilize email as their primary form of communication now.

Be sure to get to know your school’s library very well. Many libraries offer tours to new students. Most libraries now have a specific librarian who works with specific courses of study. This is an important person to know when it comes time to do your research. Also explore your library’s website to become familiar with all the resources available. University libraries are now online with the best research websites and these are absolutely essential for you to understand.

If you are also working in a graduate teaching capacity plan for that to make its way into your organizational plan. Your duties as a teaching assistant are deadline oriented and cannot be shortchanged. This is your job while you’re in graduate school and it carries as much weight with it as any other job.

Graduate school takes on a much more professional atmosphere. This is where the real training to launch your career happens. Often graduate students are regarded as colleagues by faculty as much as students. Be ready to assume a more highly professional way of conducting yourself.

Graduate school is the next level to fulfilling what may be your dream career. It is difficult to get into graduate school so your admission is already a success. When you have graduated you will understand what an important accomplishment you’ve achieved.