Tips for Staying Motivated while Completing an on Line Degree

It can be difficult to stay motivated when completing an online degree.  You are not going to classes where you are surrounded by people who are always motivating you.  Instead you have to make sure you complete it yourself.  The following are some tips for staying motivated while completing an online degree.

Constantly remind yourself why are doing this and what your goals are.  You want to keep your eye on the prize, so to speak.  If you are completing a degree to be a nurse, for instance, then maybe you could keep something that reminds you of the field next to your desk so that you remember what you are trying to work towards.  Also, if you are working so that you can get a better job so that you can help your family, you can remind yourself of that and maybe keep a picture of them next to your desk so that you remember why it is so important that you keep to it.

Many people find different sayings, poems or books inspirational.  If you go to the bookstore or search online, you will find many books to help inspire you, including some on “hanging in there.”  You could read those or keep them by your desk.  There are a whole series of inspiration pictures, which might help keep you motivated as you are working on your online degree.  There are also movies and pictures that are inspirational.

You can give yourself rewards as you complete courses or parts of your studies.  For instance you could say that you will get yourself a new outfit after every semester or go out to your favorite restaurant once you have completed a course.  It can even be something as simple as having a checklist of the courses that you have left and being able to cross things off of that checklist.

Find a motivational buddy.  A lot of times people do better when they are accountable to someone else.  Check in with each other and tell each other of your progress.  It doesn’t even have to be someone who is in an online program.  For instance it could be someone on a diet trying to lose weight and you just check up on each other.  If you cannot find a buddy then you can just tell people how you are doing.  If you are always reporting your progress to people then you may be more motivated.