Tips for Staying Motivated while Completing an on Line Degree

Keeping up with your school work and staying motivated does require some planning and work, but is not impossible.  After all, you were certainly motivated enough to seek more education,  that motivation to better yourself should be in the front of your mind throughout as you pursue your online degree.  

The key to taking an online course is exactly the same one as for taking a class at a traditional brick and mortar classroom.  That key is motivation.  As an adult,  you have so very many things going on in your life besides school; family and work to just name two.  However, it is this very busy lifestyle that moved you into taking your advanced degree online, but it is also this busy lifestyle that can distract you from successfully completing your education.

First, plan your work:  Most online courses will require written projects; you will have to read and also join in on online discussions.  The professor should provide a syllabus for the whole of the course that describes these assignments in detail and what standard needs to be met.  So you have to plan your school work as you would plan your work “work”.  If you have an assignment due, know how much work it will take and carve enough time to complete it. 

You should set aside a certain amount time each day to check your online discussion board, to read or write on your school assignments.  This doesn’t have to be a lot of time, usually about an hour a day will do, if you stick to your schedule.  This is a good method for staying up with your school work, but not having it affect much of the rest of your life.   

If you are falling behind, talk to your instructor.  Most of them will understand the circumstances that might have caused you to miss some school work and will work with you to help you get caught up.  

Also if your other activities are going to be interfering with your school work, let your professor know.  For example, if you may have to go on that business trip, most online instructors will make allowances for that sort of thing.

Successfully completing an online course provides you at least as much satisfaction as completing a course of study at a traditional college.  All you need to do is stay active and motivated to complete the work on time.