Tips for Success as a Part Time Student

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and a bit insane? Is your part-time school schedule not coinciding with your work schedule? Well, you’re in luck! Here are ten tips that will help you to get organized and survive through college as a part time student.

1. If you are working, talk to your employer. If you have made the decision to go to college, your education must be an essential part of your future. You have obviously proven that you are dedicated and willing to better yourself, don’t let your job get in the way of that. Sit and have a conversation with your employer and make sure you both are at an understanding of how important your education is. Always notify your employer ahead of time if you plan to take time off.

2. Make friends. Opening up to complete strangers can feel odd but it makes class just that much better. You now have someone to compare answers to and to help you with things you don’t understand. Always get email addresses or phone numbers of your classmates. They can be really beneficial if you are absent a day or two.

3. Set a schedule. Time is of the essence. You must set time aside to study and get assignments done if you want to be successful in any of your classes. Get a large calendar and mark everything down that is due. No one person can remember everything on their own.

4. Do not procrastinate. Put effort into your work and show what you’ve got. Procrastinating just puts stress on yourself and does not allow you to give 110%.

5. Talk to your counselor. Counselors can be a very effective tool in college life. Counselors can help get you get your schedule in order and on your way to your desired degree.

6. Set time aside for yourself. School life can be overwhelming and a single day of R & R can really make a difference. Be sure to take a day committed only to you. Exercise on that day, get your errands done, go to a spa, or go to the beach, anything that relaxes you. After your tough week you deserve it.

7. Ask for help. Two heads are always better than one. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, its a part of growing.

8. Get enough sleep. Be sure you are getting an appropriate amount of sleep to energize your mind and body. How successful will you be if you are just a sleepless zombie during your class lectures?

9. Each a well-balanced meal. Eating junk food all day does not nourish your body. Be sure to get a balanced diet and drink plenty fluids. Do not be the student whose stomach is violently growling during your midterm.

10. Remember you are benefiting yourself. Many students find that college is not for them but most of the time they are wrong. College is tough which is why many people either drop out or do not go at all. Remember that although the journey is rocky you will make it with persistence, patience and hard work.

These ten tips for success have helped many students in their college life, and hopefully, they have given you ideas or maybe some inspiration. Stay focussed. You can do it!