Tips for Success as a Part Time Student

Tips for success as a part time student in college. Well in this topic I can only give my best advice for this. You should always be on time, it makes you look good with your Teachers but better if you have to maintain a certain number of hours a week, a good attendance record is a thumbs up so you don’t have to worry about being hounded about showing up late.
You should also try to show your teachers you are responsible and capable of doing things yourself, just don’t try to be the teacher and get a big head. This is especially true for college freshman, show your dominance and that you are strong enough mentally to take on what ever it is that your professor or adviser may throw at you. Another good tip is to complete your work as fast as you can get it done, I learned this through experience with my teachers. Handing in assignments before they are due is a big plus with the teacher, but you must make sure you make them satisfied with your work and showing you put effort into almost every detail. If you keep up with that, and there is extra work you can do, take it to show your teacher what you are capable of. Then most likely the teacher will brag about you and may put a good word in for you with some one upstairs, this is especially a plus and true if attending a community college and you are trying to get into a university.
More quick tips would be not to give your teacher an excuse to single you out, unless you are on top! Don’t let them single you out in a bad way . As in you always come in late or always come in tired. Like when they are talking and here you come waltzing in class the teacher might say “oh look here comes so and so” “up late partying Mr.” Thats a thumbs down a could give you a bad look in class. So if thats you make good connections in class with positive students, and if your teacher says that to you hand in some work and say “I was up late finishing my work for you.”