Tips for Success as a Part Time Student

There are many reasons why people become part-time students. Someone could have finished their schooling, but alas the family does not have money to send the child to study further. The solution would be for the child to find a job, and become a part-time student. The other reason for part-time study would be someone who has entered the job market with a degree or diploma, but wants to advance on theri studies, or study something else. Two birds can be killed with one stone here. The student can earn money, and study at the same time, as opposed to being a full time student, and having to take big financial loans.

Part-time study can be quite difficult to do as most people who are part time learners have a zillion other things to worry about, besides also holding a steady job. Some people also have families and little kids to bring up as well. Here are a few tips in order to conserve time and direct the effort towards the part- time studies:

1. Enrol for a distance learning programme, where course information can be learnt at home, and tutorials do not have to be attended. Never take more modules than you can mange. If you can handle two or three modules for a semester stick to this, than doing five or six modules.

2. Read all study guides carefully. Check due dates for all assignments, and submit them timeously. The course material given may also contain past year examination papers, which are extremely helpful when doing revison for the examination.

3. Check all dates for registering. Sometimes internet registering ends earlier than doing it in person. The examination time-table also needs to be checked and plans must be made to haev the time off work to write the paper or be given the day off. The examination venue needs to be checked as well, and if unsure of the location a trip should be made proir to the date to check the route out. Try to arrive on time for the paper.

4. Make time to study. Do a little work everyday. Sacrifice the weekends and stay at home to finish a Chapter. Time Mangement is very important and crucial to success as a part time student. Try to read the study guides when you have free time at work or on your lunch break.

5. Contact other students registered for the same modules in your area and form a study group. Hold meetings and have regular interactions. Try to use peer help to understand problems that are presented in assignments and past year papers.

It is important to remember that part- time students will take longer to complete a qualification than a full time student. Part time students need to be more motivated , and not give up easily.