Tips for Taking a University course while Working Full Time

It is not easy taking a university course while working full time. There are a lot of challenges to being successful.  The class can be taken either on campus or online. To be success a person must first realized that it is not going to be easy.

The first and most important step to taking a university course and working full time is to be dedicated. Only those who truly apply themselves to both ventures will be a success. It is not easy, sometimes it will feel overwhelming and impossible to work all day and then take a class. That is where dedication comes in to play. The student must simply set his or her mind to the fact that this will and can work. Sometimes prayer helps too.

Some jobs actually allow some down time. If this is the case then do some class work while at work. This way when you are at home, homework will not consume the time at home. It can get very discouraging when you feel like all you do is work and study. Make the load as easy as possible.

Organization is one of the most important keys to taking a university course and working full time. If a person is organized, then he or she can focus totally on class when in class and on work while at work.

One way to be organized is to arrange appointments and meetings around the class and job .Try not to make too many appointments in one day. If a visit to the doctor or dentist is needed, arrange the appointment  on an afternoon that you do not have school.  

Dinner can also take a lot of time and make things difficult. On your day off, make up a week’s worth of meals and put them in the freezer. This way on class nights you can easily heat up a meal or if you are not home the family can heat up dinner. This leaves you free to worry about class and your job without the added stress of dinner each night.  Breakfast can be taken care of in the same manner. Breakfast preparation takes up a lot of time in the morning and that time can better be spent with the family or just relaxing.

So that you do not get burnt out on life because of work and the class be sure to set aside some time to relax and enjoy family and friends. Down time is extremely important. If a person never allows for down time he or she will stop being efficient in school, work, and life. 

Finding a balance between work, school, family, and downtime is the most important way to make working full time and taking a course a positive and successful venture.