Tips for those considering a Double Major

Pursuing a double major in college is not for the faint of heart. Achieving one college degree is a feat in and of itself. Double your major and you double your time in school, study commitment, work load, tuition bill, and eventually your paycheck, right? Not necessarily. Here are some tips for brave and ambitious students who are contemplating the rigors and rewards of a double major:

*If you plan from the beginning, you can achieve a double major in a time and cost effective manner. Sit down with your academic adviser and explain to them what you hope to accomplish. A Bachelors degree requires you to take basic core classes. You won’t need to take these twice, your core will count toward both degrees. You will then have a certain number of hours of classes required for your first major. After that you will have several electives left over. Use your electives to take the classes required for your second major, as you would if you were getting a minor. Now you will have to take the rest of the classes required for your second major, but it will only end up costing you an extra two or three semesters of time and tuition to get that second degree. You can earn two degrees in five years if you plan it right. Taking AP classes in high school and CLEP tests can shave off even more time and cost. A super motivated person could actually earn two degrees for the price and time it takes an average person to earn one.

*A double major cannot be accomplished without a strong commitment. You have got to want this really, really bad. Double majors do not have the luxury of balancing hard classes with “cake” electives. They study at least twice as much as other students. They have less time to socialize. Having a job while you try to tackle two college degrees at once is ill advised. Double majors are only recommended for those students with drive, intellectual ability, and financial means. If you lack any of these qualities, it will be an uphill battle.

*People who earn a double major are incredibly versatile and marketable. Being a double major will help you stand out among hundreds of other resumes. It will command the respect of any employer and confirm that you are capable of hard work. The right combination of majors could make you invaluable in a given industry. Some duos to consider are a business degree and a communications degree. In this high tech age, a business degree alongside a technical degree is also quite appealing to companies. Getting a preforming arts degree and a business degree opens up worlds of possibilities unavailable to each field on its own. A double major of anything and Spanish shows you are keeping up with the trends of American culture. A science and math combination is wise for aspiring scientists. You can become a teacher by doubling your major with an education degree. While a double major doesn’t necessarily mean double the money, it can get you in the door to your dream career. Chances are if you worked hard enough to get two degrees, you will be able to make decent money anywhere you go.