Tips for Writing a Sat Essay

Writing an SAT essay can be challenging in itself, but even more so because of its importance.  A lot of it will depend upon your skills as a writer, but there are things you can do to increase your chances of writing a successful essay.  The following are tips for writing a SAT essay.

Stay on topic

Unfortunately, when you are nervous you may start to ramble in your writings just as you would in your speech.  It is important to stay on topic as much as possible.  You do not want to go off in tangents while you are writing this essay.  They want to know that you can write a competent essay, not talk about all different subjects.  Just adding a bunch of random information is not going to necessarily help you and might actually hurt your score.

Make it a good length

Be careful about making an essay that is too long or too short.  How long it will be will depend on the guidelines.  Bigger is not always better if you are just being repetitive or discussing things that are not pertinent.  Of course, it is important not to make it too short as well.

Make sure that it has good grammar and is free of errors

You do not want to turn in an essay that has ten misspelled words.  It is important for you to take the time to quickly check it over (if you have time).  Even wonderful spellers and students can misspell the simplest of words if they are in a rush and just completing it as quickly as they can.  Your hands might move quicker than your brain, so to speak.  Also, you will want to pay attention to grammar.  Make sure that you produce good sentences and paragraphs.  It should read nicely and flow well.  Be careful about using slang or terms that are not part of good English. 

It can be difficult to write an SAT essay, especially if you are nervous taking the exam.  If you get nervous while you are writing it, try to take a deep breath and relax yourself.  It can be challenging for some when they think of the entire essay before them.  Some people might like to jot down a couple of notes or a brief outline and then go from there so as not to feel overwhelmed. 

Follow the above tips to give yourself the best chance of doing well on the SAT essay.