Tips in Searching for the best American Universities

The best American universities is a matter of debate among those that consider themselves to be ivy league schools. However, a university that may be the best one for me may not be the best one for you.

First, think about what atmosphere you study best in. Are you a partygoer who can still make it to an 8:00 am class? Can you stand to be in a class with 99 other students or do you want a small classroom, even for your 101 courses? Do you want access to the professors or to the social life? Are you a fraternity/sorority kind of person or a library kind of person?

Once you have a vision in your mind of what your average class day and average weekend would look like, then go to one of these resources to look for universities or colleges that have the programs that you want to study. Remember, the life of a music major is entirely different from the life of an engineering major, so look for all the programs you’re thinking of studying and then visit those schools.

Reference sources:
The College Bluebook by Gale. Go to for the Thompson Peterson’s college guide
US for the US News and World Report ranking of colleges. High ed. institutions work really hard to rank well in this report. for colleges and how the campus life is

Hope you find a place that brings out the best in you.