Tips on Choosing College Dorm Room Bedding

Amidst all of the excitement and fear of going away to college for the first time, it is very easy to overlook some of the most obvious and essential things you will need while you are living in the dorms. By not knowing what you will need in advance, you can set yourself up for starting off your entire college experience on the wrong foot. A nicely adorned bed can make you sleep much more comfortably, and that in turn will help you function better in every respect.

Here is a look at some things to consider before going out to purchase bedding for your college dorm room.

*Find out the exact measurements of the bed –

Dorms have started to use irregular bed sizes. An extra long twin bed is great for people who are tall, but it’s also a narrower bed and consequently takes up less room (width wise,) in an already very small and cramped room. You can find sheets that will fit an XL twin at most stores such as Walmart, and other specialty linen stores.

*Choosing sheets –

Don’t go for ultra luxurious and expensive sheets. Dorm washers and dryers are heavy duty machines that are designed to tolerate a lot of over use and abuse. Inexpensive and comfortable sheets will work well. Jersey sheets are very comfortable. They are made from 100% cotton, feel like a t-shirt and are suitable for any type of climate. Jersey sheet sets are also quite inexpensive.

*Bring pillows –

You should also plan to bring your own pillows. You may not know in advance, whether the dorm supplies pillows, and if you bring your own, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll have pillows, or whether you’ll be comfortable.

*How much room do you have? –

Knowing how much room you have in your dorm room will help you know how much bedding you can or should have. If, for example, there is very little storage space, you probably wouldn’t want to go for a bed in a bag, but you’d do well to buy things separately.

*What is the climate? –

The climate will have a great deal of bearing on the kind of bedding you choose. If you live in a place where winters get really cold and the dorm isn’t well insulated, you will definitely need some bedding to keep you warm. If you are going to be in a hot climate like Arizona or Florida, you certainly wouldn’t want to have a down comforter.

*How convenient are laundry facilities? –

The ease with which you can get to laundry facilities may dictate how many sets of sheets you will get. You should plan on having no fewer than two sets of sheets. That way you can put one in the laundry and have the other set on your bed.

*Bedspread vs. duvet –

You might want to talk to your roommate to find out what they are bringing so you can coordinate things to make your room look a bit more homey and well put together. That doesn’t mean that you have to have things that match, but if you choose bedspreads, you can have coordinating colors.

*Machine washable –

Make sure that all bedding is machine washable. You don’t want to be bothered or bogged down with blankets, quilts or comforters that need to be dry cleaned. If you are going to be washing all of your own bedding, be sure that what you get will fit in dorm machines. Otherwise, you will be forced to take extra bedding home with you when you go on break or for weekends.

*Where do you study? –

If you are used to studying in bed, you might want to consider purchasing a back rest pillow that has arms, and that will allow you to study in comfort on your bed. Some back rest pillows even have pockets so that you can keep pens, highlighters or whatever else you might need in the pockets.

While you will undoubtedly need to be somewhat budget conscious and practical, don’t forget that this is where you will be living for at least the next year, so it is important that you like your bedding, feel comfortable using it, and that it’s easy enough for you to take care of on your own. Your bedding should also be capable of keeping you warm or cool, as will be determined by weather conditions. Having a homey and attractive room at college will go a long way toward keeping you from getting too home sick, and it will provide you with sufficient comfort to be able to concentrate, work hard and feel happy and comfortable in your new home away from home.