Tips on how to have Fun and Party but still get Good Grades

You are a college student, and of course you don’t want to blow all the hard work you have put into getting into school. You want the most out of your educational experience, not to mention all the money you are going to be paying for this experience. On the other hand, you don’t to be all work and no play. How do you manage to have a college life where you can party, and still manage to get yourself to class so you can have good grades?

The key is time management. College isn’t all about partying, and the focus really should be on school. Believe it or not, there are going to be stretches of your time in school where you don’t party at all. You will spend a lot of time in your dorm room studying, or at the library doing papers. There is a lot of time that you will be spending doing schoolwork. That is the sacrifice that you make when you are a college student.

On the other hand, there are going to be stretches of your semester where there really isn’t a lot going on. You will have time to party, and have a lot of fun on the weekends because there is nothing due on Monday, or later on in the week. There is going to be time for you to party, and the key is to recognize when that time is, and not have it interfere with that time where you have to be doing work. How do you do this?

Look at your syllabus for your classes. This will tell you every single project, and when it is going to be due. It will also tell you the homework that you have to do, and the professor will also make sure that any changes are made well before the due date is going to happen. This means that you know when things are going to get hectic, and you know when things are going to be light. You will also know once the semester gets going what classes to take seriously, and which ones to let go.

The weekends are a good time to party, and the beginning of the semester is another good time to party. There aren’t going to be a lot of papers due, or any projects. It is usually just go to class, and do some reading in the first few weeks. The week before finals is usually the biggest time for papers, and finals week is usually a good time to party because outside of the final exams you don’t have anything going on.

When you are going to college, make sure that you know that you are there to do work. However, make sure that you know when the light times in the schedule are, so that you can get your partying in as well. As long as you manage time well, and have a good balance, you will be able to go to school, and still have fun doing it. After all that is what college is supposed to be about.