Tips to Encourage a Teen to Attend College

Attending college is one of the best things for your teen to do after high school. Reality is, that better jobs are available for the student who goes to college and earns their degree. These are jobs that will support your life style and let you live comfortably and be able to take care of your family. You should start encouraging your teen to attend college at the beginning of their high school years. Don’t wait till its graduation time to instill important values in your teen. For then, it may be too late.

Does your teen have a passion for a certain thing. Encourage those passions with your teen to attend a college, where their dreams are possible. Talk about your own experiences if you attended a college. Talk about a professor that inspired you at your college. Let them know that you discovered who and what you wanted to do there. Be positive. Praise your teen for their academic process that they have shown throughout their school years and let them know if they keep it up all through high school, there are many scholarships available. Let them know financially there are many ways to attend. 

Do not tell your teen they have to attend college. This can be worse than if you said nothing at all. They have just become somewhat of an adult, being able to make a little more decisions on their own. If you force them, they will rebel. Be open and willing to give them lots of possibilities. Give them lots of options to choose from. Let them know you want a better life for them than you have had and college is a great way to attain that. Giving your teen more to think about with a lot of different college options, helps them to consider college more. 

Decide with your spouse what the correct time is to push your teen out the door. This may sound mean, however, sharing this information, lets your teen know what you expect of them once they have reached the graduation milestone in their life. Example: if they are going to just work at McDonald’s, or Burger King, they will have to start being responsible in the adult world. Another words paying some rent to stay at your home. Sometimes letting them know how you feel as a parent, helps them to understand their little paychecks are not enough to pay rent and get all the things for them to live comfortably. Knowing they do need a roof over their heads, helps to encourage college too. 

Ultimately, the decision for your teen is theirs to make. Hopefully you have instilled in them what its like living in the big world, and you have given them a sense of motivation and drive, letting them know education is important. What they do with that information will be wonderful if it does encourage them to attend college and they decide to make something out of their lives.