To Ib or not Ib the Choice is yours

The International Baccalaureate or the IB course is exalted as one of the finest academic courses in the world. Its academic program is considered as one of the most holistic curriculum that focuses on an all-round development of its students. International Baccalaureate has four educational programs, and children from 3 to 19 years can enroll for the diploma course. The world school however, has come under glare by certain section of people, who claim the AP curriculum is far superior to the IB course.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the IB school that might help you realize to IB or not IB.

Let us discuss the pros of IB programs first:

The distinct high school diploma offered by IB schools is recognized by majority of the well renowned universities all around the globe. Apart from completing the sic core subjects of the course in high school, the IB diploma includes the 4000 words Extended Essay, appreciable performance at the Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) category, recommendable performance in the arts and athletic section. The IB diploma has immense value and many Ivy League universities offer instant admission to IB students with good grades. This is not the case with the AP program, where its entire coursework is totally modular.   

IB exam syllabus is always very vast and rigorous. It covers extensive materials and this makes the students obliged to remember more than their base knowledge in senior school years. This helps the IB students to be thoroughly prepared for colleges. Students also have a better knowledge and idea about the world history, various international literatures apart from the US, mathematical information that is widely acknowledged and many more. This extensive and detailed study is not possible in the AP course that is more concise and US centric. 

There is however a con about the IB program. IB has always considered itself as the competitor of the AP program and most of the time, the exam schedule of both AP and IB falls on the same date. The IB is very particular about their exams and if you have an AP maths exam on the same day of IB geography exam, IB schools will change its dates. This inflexible attitude of IB schools has been thoroughly criticized by many people who find the AP programs to be more dynamic and flexible.These are the advantages and disadvantages of IB world school programs. Based on the above assumption you can now wisely chose whether to be an IB or not.