Top 10 College Majors

Colleges and Universities were never intended to be the pathway to lucrative careers and executive level pay. Nor were they founded as a guarantor of future employment. While these may be collateral benefits of higher education, specific job training is the purview of vocational schools and professional programs. With that in mind, here are the top 10 college majors. These were not selected because of job market demands or average starting salaries, but the unique opportunities and challenges they present for individual growth and development.

1. Business Administration and Management – This degree choice will call for you to demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, problem solving and decision making. This major will provide you with essential grounding in the areas of accounting and finance, economics and marketing, as well as statistics and human resources principles. Your mind will also be stretched to embrace and reshape your attitudes concerning politics, ethics and the free market.

2. Psychology – You will be challenged to understand the biology of the brain and how it effects the intelligence, motivation, emotions and cognitive patterns of your fellow human beings. You will discover what mental disorders are most affected by environment, and which have their roots in organic issues. This is the perfect major for those who dissect the motives behind others actions to seek an understanding and empathy to create paths of communication for resolving behavioral conflict.

3. Nursing – Medicine is another field for those who have great compassion regarding the suffering of others. Nursing has evolved into a field requiring a high level of skill and training to keep pace with the ever-expanding technological vista. You will be required to take and pass certification exams upon graduating from an accredited nursing program before becoming registered. The employment opportunities are many and varied for this major.

4. Biological Sciences – A biology degree has seemingly infinite variables as far as fulfilling personal aspirations. Those not choosing the med school path can use their knowledge in the fields of plant and animal husbandry, environmental issues and even cloning and DNA research.

5. Education – Much of the coursework will involve general education skills in the early going, but many programs require you to select a specific grade range to focus on. This is where the fun of applying what you have learned begins, as you will have the opportunity to affect future generations as, first a student teacher and, after certification, a teacher. You should judge your level of patience, enthusiasm, creativity and compassion when considering an education degree.

6. English/Literature – If you love words – the way the work together and flow in harmony to paint vivid images upon the canvas of the mind – this is the degree for you. The literature of the ages has expressed the pains and joys of successive generations in a way that cold historical facts cannot. An English Literature degree will take you into the throes of the human condition and the thrills of the human spirit.

7. Economics – Far from a dry and dusty study, economics encompasses an understanding of the consequences of individual, business and national decisions in regards to the expenditures of time and money. Aside from an excellent preparation to enter the business world, an economics degree will afford you a unique perspective on the workings of your world and the factors that motivate individuals and societies.

8. Communications – If you find yourself laboring over just the right words and pictures in your presentations, looking for the simplest and most effective route to clearly convey your message; this may be your degree. Not everyone was created to communicate. That is why a degree in communications offers opportunities in virtually every field imaginable. Doctors and scientists need technical writers to give life to their cold, hard data. Governments and businesses seek the ability to best promote their desired ends.

9. Political Science – The study of politics and governments is an interesting field. Against the backdrop of history, you will seek to determine the motivations and philosophies behind the decisions of government. As this field can sometimes wander into the philosophical realm, a concentration in economics is recommended for balance.

10. Computer Sciences – Much more than simply learning about computers, this degree will provide an exposure to the fields of artificial intelligence, programming language and gaming technology. The major component of the field is problem solving.