Top 10 College Majors

As most young adults complete their high school education, their thoughts turn to college and what they want to study for a career path. Most students are pretty sure of what they want to major in for their college studies but some have trouble making their mind up on their major. The following list of the top 10 college majors should help in making a decision.

The first on the list seems to be right around the top every year and that is Business Administration and Management.  This is a profession that appeals to type A personalities and people with excellent people and communication skills. This major provides extensive training in statistics, economics, marketing, finance, human resources and accounting.

Number two on the list is Psychology. The psychology major will be trained in areas related to the human mind, such as mental disorders, intelligence, cognition, emotion, perception, personality, learning and motivation. Studying psychology will also give you a working knowledge of the biology of the brain.

Coming in at number three and always at the top of the list is Nursing. Many colleges have waiting lists to get into their school of nursing and many people choosing this path take some of their prerequisites while waiting to get accepted into the nursing program. The nursing major will have classroom studies of the sciences and liberal arts with some lab work. The nurse in training will also have some hands-on experience in the later stages of training and will be required to take state tests to be certified.

Biology and its sciences are fourth on the list. This major includes the study of plants, humans and animals and their environments. Students with a biology major may be headed into post grad schools such as genetics, med school and biotechnology. They may even aspire to be an optometrist, ecologist or veterinarian.

Education always is in the top ten college majors and comes in fifth here. General education makes up most of the curriculum of the Education major, but many states require a commitment to a grade level desired to teach. Like nursing, the Education major will find themselves in a classroom as a student teacher in the later stages of school lasting from a semester to a full year of school.

The number six major is English and Literature. While studying the English language intensively the English and literature major will also be immersed in intensive studies of poetry, non-fiction and fiction. There will be extensive work exploring the works of great literary minds and what their thoughts might have entailed.

Economics is number seven on the list and comes with a curriculum very heavy on math and critical thinking. Production, distribution and consumption of goods and services will be the bulk of the curriculum for the Economics major.

In at number eight is Communications/Speech Communication and Rhetoric. This major involves analyzing different types of verbal and written presentations such as scripts and speeches. The studies will teach effects of different settings in communication and audience reaction.

Political Science and Government is number nine and has an ever changing face due to the changing world and current events. A heavy dose of American government and comparing it to other governments will be involved in the studies of the political science major.  In addition, political philosophy, public policy and foreign affairs will be taught.

Lastly, at number ten is Computer and Information Sciences. Computer hardware and software and their applications will be a major portion of this curriculum. This major has a wide range of studies such as artificial intelligence, programming languages and robotics. With the ever growing segment of information technology in our society, this major could see a significant rise in popularity in the future.

Although there are many other fields of study in today’s colleges and universities, these 10 seem to be the most sought after.