Top 10 Essentials to Bring to College

When heading off to college, the college student is always bound to forget something. Hopefully that something won’t be essential. My top 10 recommendations for what to bring to college are:

Sheets and pillows- These are not items you are likely to forget, but you never know. Often the first time college student has to shop for these items, whether it is in a local store, or through the college. Most colleges have beds which are x-long twin size, not your typical sheet size. So make sure you take care to purchase these ahead of time, as they are not that common and are sometimes hard to find. Colors are limited in twin extra long so you can’t be too picky.

Towels and Laundry Detergent- Yes, you will need to do your own laundry. Towels are just a part of the large pile of laundry you will need to do. Make sure to bring laundry detergent and some downy wrinkle releaser. The Downy will help keep your clothes looking a little less wrinkled and you won’t have to think about ironing. That brings me to the next essential items, clothes.

Clothes- Clothes are an essential part of college life and it is important to bring only as much as you feel you will need until you make a trip home. It will probably be a good idea to check on the college area weather patterns to see if you need to bring winter clothes for the first semester of school. This is usually the case particularly if you attend school in Canada or in the Northern United States. If you don’t need winter clothes that soon, save them for a trip home.

Snacks- Snacks are an important item to have at school because the typical college student is hungry often. If you or a roommate has an available refrigerator, then you can also store perishable snacks and water in your room or suite. Snacks are particularly good to have if you get hungry late at night, or don’t want to head out in bad weather. Good snacks include: Easy Mac, cereal, Campbell’s Soup at Hand and crackers and cheese (if you have access to a refrigerator).

Alarm- Don’t forget your alarm so you can get up for those early morning classes. Some students have alarms on their cell phones, so bringing your cell phone is another good idea. It doesn’t hurt to have a radio/CD player with an alarm also, just in case your first alarm fails to go off.

Laptop- A laptop or desktop computer is another essential item a college student should bring if they can afford to. A computer and printer are needed in college these days and if you can afford one, a good idea. Otherwise, there are computers and printers available to students in libraries and computer labs on campus.

Personal Hygiene Items- Personal hygiene items such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste and deodorant are definite necessities for the college student. These items can be stored in a shower caddy which can be very helpful to keep all of your hygiene items together. Razors are also a necessity; finding one that works well in the shower is a good idea.

Medications/Tissue- Needed medications and cold medicine, as well as tissues are always a good idea to bring. Being in close quarters with roommates/suitemates tends to give people colds, or worse. If you have a health condition, forgetting your medication can be harmful to your health.

Personal Items- It’s also important to bring personal items from home to personalize your room. Posters, photos, and some pieces of furniture that won’t take up a lot of space are good ideas. Other personal items could include a lamp or a trash can.

Last but not least- Miscellaneous- If you have a basketball, a tennis racquet, a glove and baseball/wiffle ball, these are all good ideas of things to bring with you. If you don’t play an organized sport or if intramurals takes up too much of your time you can do some fun stuff on your own with your friends, if you bring a little equipment with you.

Another good idea is a surge protector if it is allowed. You may have multiple items to be plugged in and extension cords are not usually allowed, so a surge protector is probably a good idea. There are probably more important items to bring to college, but with these ideas, students are off to a good start.