Top 10 Worst Paying College Degrees

Number ten: A Horticulture Bachelors of Science degree will get someone as starting salary of about $37,200 per year.  Indeed, it seems money does not grow on trees in this field. A person getting a degree in Horticulture would most likely not do so to make big bucks.

Number nine: Someone with Bachelors Degree in Hospitality and Tourism will earn as starting salary of about $37,000 dollars.  Positions that are low paid in regular salary but with tips and other earnings might be pushing this average somewhat low.  Also, there are many perks in this field, such as low or no cost travel, discounts on food and drink as well as lodging. So for the person that wants to travel this might be a good choice for them.  Also the average pay in this area will improve as the economy improves and average people start to travel again.  

Number eight: An Education Degree; starting teachers earn very little, average first year salary is just over $36,000 dollars. To earn the big dollars in this field a person must have advanced degrees and enter administration.  Good news is the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the need for teachers at all grade levels will increase by almost 15% over the next ten years.  The law of supply and demand should push up earnings in this area.

Number seven: A Fine arts degree holder will earn more than the person with the Drama degree, (see below) but not by much (average starting pay: $35,800 dollars per year).  But living the life of a starving artist might be what some people want to do.

Number six: A Drama degree starting salary is about $35,600 dollars.  Sure some of the big stars in Hollywood have this degree and they make 10 Million dollars a picture.  Those top earners may be dragging this average up some.  But outside of those A-list stars most people with Drama degrees are working in fields outside of movies and the theater, and if they are acting it is not in blockbuster Hollywood hits, but in commercials, small theaters and even in on-line productions.

Number five: A Spanish degree is worth just over $35,000 a year.  Spanish is spoken by more native speakers than any other language except Mandarin Chinese.  Most people who have this degree work as  teachers or as translators.

Number four: A Theology major will on average earn $34,800 per year to start. Having a “higher calling” will not allow someone to make a lot of money, but then again if a person wanted money it is doubtful they would study Theology

Number Three: A Music degree earns a person about $34,000 per year to start. Like Drama and Fine Arts, mostly someone is not taking this degree to make money, but for the love of the subject.  .

Number two:  A Social Working degree earns a starting salary of just under $33,500 per year.  This is yet another degree people take not to earn money but to do some good in life.

Number one: An Elementary Education degree will earn a person about $33,000 per year to start. This specialized education degree is on the low end of the scale of all Education degrees. But again demand is increasing for this specialty, so pay should increase as well.