Top Anthropology Schools

Anthropology is the field of social science that deals with the study of humankind and its origins. Many public and private colleges and universities across the nation offer undergraduate and graduate programs in anthropology. Each year, “U.S. News and World Report” compiles a list of the best national universities, based on a number of known criteria. The following are the top anthropology schools of 2010, as reported by “U.S. News and World Report.”

*Harvard University

In 2010, Harvard University was ranked number one among the best colleges in the nation, making it the highest ranked school to offer anthropology programs. This 4-year private institution in Cambridge, Massachusetts, serves roughly 26,496 students. The Department of Anthropology at Harvard offers undergraduate and graduate programs in this discipline, including a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology, a Master of Arts in Medical Anthropology and doctoral programs in social anthropology and media anthropology.

*Princeton University

Princeton University tied with Harvard for the top spot among the best national universities in 2010. This 4-year private school in Princeton, New Jersey, has a total enrollment of approximately 7,330 undergraduate and graduate students. The Department of Anthropology at Princeton offers both an undergraduate major and a doctoral program in this field.

*Yale University

In 2010, Yale University was ranked third in the nation among the best colleges and universities, making it one of the top anthropology schools. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, this 4-year, private institution enrolls nearly 10,200 students. Founded in 1937, the Yale University Department of Anthropology offers a long tradition of excellence in archaeology, linguistic anthropology, biological anthropology and sociocultural anthropology. Degree programs include an undergraduate major in anthropology and a Ph.D. in anthropology.

*Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ranked number four in the nation in 2010, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is another 4-year private school in Cambridge (along with number one in our list of the top anthropology schools). Serving roughly 10,299 undergraduate and graduate students, this top ranked school offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, including several programs in anthropology.

These top anthropology schools represent the findings of just one major American publication and may not represent all of the top anthropology schools in the nation or the world. More information about “U.S. News and World Report” and their ranking system can be found at the publication’s official website. Additional information about the top anthropology schools discussed in this article can be located on the individual school websites.