Top Reasons to Live at Home while going to College

There are many advantages for students who live at home while going to college. While there are considerable monetary benefits of at-home living, students who live at home also have less disruption in their personal lives than students who live independently.

Save Money

One advantage of living at home while attending college is that students are able to save money. Many students have little extra money due to tuition fees and time being spent at school rather than at work. While some students who live at home do not work, others balance part-time jobs with their schooling. The jobs often do not pay above minimum wage; the students are working their way up the pay scale by attending college. Improving their education will help them to achieve a better paying job.

Students are able to save costs such as rent and food by living at home. Given that they have little extra money, being able to live at home is a huge money-saving advantage. Parents are not likely to charge their studious sons and daughters rent to live at home. If there is rent charged, it is likely less at home than would be the cost for rent from in a separate suite or house.

Living at home also saves students food costs such as eating meals at the college cafeteria. At home, it is easy to pack lunches, which is often cheaper than lunch at the cafeteria. Students living at home can also often eat dinners free with their parents.

Less Disruption

Another advantage of living at home while attending college is that there is less disruption to the students’ lifestyles than is faced by students who live on their own. Students who live in dorms or other residences have to adjust to independent living as well as to the study lifestyle at college at the same time. They must balance paying bills related to independent living with studying for college courses.

People living at home, however, need only adjust to college. Their home lifestyles stay the same as they do not move out and there are likely fewer bills to pay than those students who live on their own. Students who are at home have less stress as they are not responsible for their residence financially and are not adjusting to a new residence at the same time as attending college.

Home-Cooked Meals

Another advantage of living at home while attending college is the ability to easily have home-cooked meals. Parents may enjoy pampering their children by making them dinners after their long days at college. For people that live on their own, they often do not have the privilege of having meals made for them. These independent students must balance cooking with study time.

There are many advantages of still living at home while attending college. The benefits include saving money, being able to enjoy home-cooked meals and having less disruptions to their home lifestyles than students who live away from home.