Top Ten Items to Bring to College

Heading off to college is an exciting adventure. Although you want to pack everything, including the kitchen sink, it probably won’t all fit in your dorm room. However, there are ten essential items that you cannot be without at school.

1) Two words: Mini Fridge. Sure you have a meal plan, but chances are, you will be studying late into the night and get the munchies. Or you’re hanging out with your friends and the cafeteria is no longer open. Instead of trying to break through the bars to the food, as many have tried before you, the mini fridge will allow you to store some goodies. You can keep necessities like beverages, pudding, or whatever cold snacks you like to have handy.

2) Two more words: Shower Shoes. Who really wants to know what is lurking on the bathroom floors in a college dorm? Yes, the bathrooms get cleaned, but your feet sure don’t want to pick up any nasty germs. Even though you may have shared a bathroom at home with your parents, siblings, and even your pets, but this is different.

3) Computers are a must in this day and age of technology. It’s up to you whether you choose a desktop or a laptop. Laptops tend to be popular because they are easily transported from your dorm to the library and to class. It is not uncommon for students to set up laptops so they can take notes. With the recent introduction of netbooks, carrying that laptop is even easier. It is small and light making it easy to carry around. It can go everywhere with you.

4) Quarters, quarters, and more quarters. If you aren’t able to head home every weekend to do laundry, you are going to need lots of quarters. At 75 cents or more per load, over a semester, the laundry will add up. Even if you do two loads per week, you’ll be spending at least $3.00 per week on laundry to wash and dry. Unless you want to become known as the smelly kid on campus, you will need a hefty supply of quarters.

5) Mementos, mainly pictures, make the best decorations to brighten the walls of your dorm room. It is not uncommon to miss your family, even your annoying little brother. Having pictures of family and friends will remind you of all the good times. It is comforting to see the faces of your biggest supporters right there. Besides, if you ever have a bad day, your pictures will remind you of all the good times you’ve had and help brighten your day.

6) A good alarm clock is another college essential. Some people like to wake up to the soothing sound of the ocean while others need that incessant beeping. Whatever type of alarm clock you choose, you want to make sure it works. There is nothing worse than oversleeping and showing up late to class. Oversleeping and never making it to class is the only thing worse than being late.

7) Music is a major part of college, so don’t forget your iPod or stereo. Walking to class or exercising, it’s nice to pop your headphones on and hear your favorite tunes. Sometimes you need your music to chase your worries away. You’ll be glad you remembered your iPod when you are sitting around your room swapping musical favorites with your roommate.

8) Don’t forget your bathrobe. Sure you are going to be sharing the hall with girls only, but what about the weekend your roommate’s boyfriend comes to stay? Or that time you decide an afternoon shower would be great and return to find your roommate’s parents just dropped by for a visit? You’ll feel much more comfortable during a morning or afternoon run-in if you are in a bathrobe and not a towel.

9) A calendar or daily planner is a must-have. Organization is the key to success in college. Your daily planner will help you keep track of your assignments, papers, projects, and tests. It will also help you keep your budding social life organized. You don’t want to forget club meetings, mixers, dorm parties, or other college events. If you have a job, you’ll want to jot your hours down in your planner too.

10) A good camera will help you capture all those exciting college moments. In today’s digital age, digital cameras allow you to take pictures and share them right away. Since you will be making new friends and going to all sorts of events, a camera will allow you to keep track of all your new memories. Be sure to leave a little space on your dorm walls to put pictures of your new friends and memories.

Going away to college is opening a new chapter in your life. You will be expanding your horizons, learning new things, and making new friends. Don’t forget your college essentials. They will make your journey to college a little easier.