Top Universities for Studying Medicine in the UK

Medicine is a very popular and oversubscribed course at universities in the UK.  For this reason the universities can be very selective about their candidates but applicants should also remember that they should also be selective about the establishment they choose to study at.

From 2012, the cost of attending a University in the UK will increase greatly for UK citizens so it is sensible for students to select the very best college for their chosen subject.  Each year, league tables are produced to guide students on how well each university is performing in each course.

The criteria for the rankings vary on a weighted basis but for courses such as medicine several factors are considered:

Quality of Teaching- the number of hour’s lectures, tutorial times and quality of teaching materials is assessed.

Student A-level Results- this is a complicated idea as the higher the general grades of the students attending the establishment the better the University is graded.  However this is not a real way of grading a universities quality as poor teaching may result in good students performing worse than expected whilst brilliant teaching in a university with a lower grade intake may actually produce better graduates.

Graduate Post-degree Deployment- considering the current economic climate students are wise to consider what their opportunities will be once they graduate.  Universities that have a high proportion of students finding relevant employment or moving on to higher degrees is an important factor.

All of the top 10 UK Universities for medicine have strict entry requirement which should be read in detail but as a general guidance all students will require good GCSE results which must include A-C passes in Maths and Science, most universities clearly state that preference will be given to candidates with better GCSE results.  All require 3 A levels taken at the same sitting and most also require a 4th subject at AS.  All schools require a full Chemistry A-level and most prefer Biology as well although some will accept this at AS, physics and maths are also preferred subjects and Critical Thinking and General Studies are not considered.

The offer grades for intake in 2011 appear to be A*AA or occasionally AAA. This is for the standard 5 year A100 course.

The top 10 Universities on the new 2011 league tables are:

Cambridge (currently considered the world’s top university), Oxford, Imperial College London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham, University College London, Southampton and Liverpool

 Students wishing to study medicine usually have a strong vocational drive so are determined to work hard and studying at any of these top 10 universities should give them a confident start in their medical careers.