Top Universities for Studying Medicine in the us

The top universities for studying medicine in the US are those that are ranked the highest by the amount of students who graduate from them. These universities are at the top because students studying in these schools are the best in their field and they excel in the field of medicine. They have a strong background in biology, chemistry and English and they manage to complete one of the most cut throat curricula that there is. The top universities for studying medicine in the US are ranked by the number of students who are accepted through the strict admission policies and stay on top on all four years in school. 

Harvard University

This school is considered one of the best medical schools in the US because of its amazing biology and chemistry curriculum. Medical students who study in this school usually often specialize in more than one background and graduate with top scores from the school. There is a large amount of students who are in the honor program and the few that are not at times double major or study to specialize in more than one area. 

Johns Hopkins University

This university is one of the most called for schools to study medicine, because the students here often focus on studying oncology and blood diseases. This university also has a wonderful online education and some classes can be taken from home.

Other schools like University of Pennsylvania and Washington University in Saint Louis have several options for students who want to specialize in more diverse areas of medicine. 

The University of California San Francisco is one of the closer medical schools in the US in which students thrive to study more than one area of medicine. Many students manage to double major in several chemistry and biology classes and graduate with top honors within four years. This school focuses more on prime care medicine, although many of the doctors that graduate from this school get chosen to work in the most exclusive hospitals. 

University of Washington 

This school is great for students that have many ideas about medicine and love to take harder classes than others. Much like UCLA or John Hopkins University there is a lot of room to study other areas or medicine such as blood diseases and oncology. 

Stanford University, Duke University, Yale University and Baylor College of Medicine (TX) are the top schools to study just about any kind of medicine that a student wants. These schools are one of the few that admissions are based on recommendations more than anything else and students have to have no less than 100 hours or more of studying time for each of sections of medicine that they are interested in. More schools are incorporating these rules after noticing the rise of successful graduate students from these schools.