Transitioning from High School to College Successfully

Graduating from high school is both an exciting and nerve-wrecking time. On one hand it’s exciting to take that next big step toward the future, and on the other hand it’s scary to think about going into a new school, meeting new people, and facing specialized, and potentially more difficult, coursework.

To successfully transition from high school to college, you should follow a few simple tips:

Follow your heart

The most important step for transitioning from high school to college comes prior to your first day of classes, even prior to receiving your acceptance. By choosing a program that suits your interests and needs for the future you will ensure a positive post-secondary experience. If you choose a program that suits your needs and wants, you will end up in classes with other students that share the same interests. This will help you transition socially and enhance your comfort level in your new environment.

Prepare to study

Even if you were a high achiever in high school, you may not be in college. Be prepared to study harder and put more effort into class assignments. Unlike high school, where you may have felt most classes were not applicable to your future, all classes are applicable to your future career and should be treated with the dedication and time required to excel. If studying home alone with textbooks in hand isn’t your idea of time well spent, why not try a group study session? Just make sure you choose a study group of productive people. 

Try new things

Your college life does not have to revolve around textbooks and tests; you should also dip your toes into new experiences. Check out the different clubs and societies on your campus, try a new sport, write for a school newspaper, join for the school radio station, or participate on an intramural or varsity sports team. Finding an appropriate balance between your social life and education will make the transition from high school to college easier.

Organize yourself

So you’re planning to study to keep your grades up and you’re looking for a club or sport for your free time, now it’s time to put it all together. More than in high school it is important to track your time. Keep a calendar or agenda that you are willing to look at on a daily basis. Schedule deadlines for papers and assignments, mark down exams as soon as you know when they are, and schedule time for studying.

Transitioning from high school to college is one of the most exciting times in your life. It may appear scary at first but proper preparation and dedication to success will make the experience the best it can be.