Trends in Gender Studies at Colleges and Universities

Trends are about as diverse the human race. When it comes to trends in gender studies, there is a lot to contemplate. Especially when they are applied at colleges and universities, since colleges and universities tend to possess a diverse link to students who are all different and have a different philosophy or personal ordinary, including way of thinking. Trends in gender studies are questionable, yet debatable, as the origin is really unknown, however; there are reasons why trends in gender studies exist, including a reason for their existence.

I don’t want to speak for individuals who study gender studies, because I find gender studies a very controversial subject, however; I will state that I find the subject interesting, yet important on a few wavelengths, therefore; will state what I believe. When we look at the subject of “gender studies” we assume it’s about a female and male (two genders) or about women and the study of women and gender, however; that is only the outline of the circle. The gender studies system is integrated, as it involves more than just what it is or implied. These trends exist because individuals want to learn more about what is linked to gender and how it is linked. They want to know how it develops and generally why it exists. This can be anything from the “philosophy of gender” to “sociology of gender”.

Most individuals who are interested in gender studies have developed an obscure interest in sexuality and everything that surrounds it. Without sexuality, we wouldn’t exist nor would we be able to create. Most believe that gender studies is all about women, but believe it or not the question of movement, homosexuality, homophobia, heterosexuality, bisexuality, feminism, transgenderism, bi phobia, asexuality, monosexualism, ETC continues to be brought into perspective, as the world continues to question the reason/reasons they exist. This can be anything from the “Queer Theory” to the “Feminist Theory” to the “Kinsey Scale” and much more. Individuals who develop a wisdom in wanting to find answers to questions that have no answers attached involving gender studies, have developed a trend in wanting to find these answers, but more so spreading their beliefs’ as part of their persuasion and passing them off as “the answer”.

These individuals want to find out what is morality and what is subject to controversy. What is accepted or rejected by status quo society. Whether individuals are linked through their demographic or psychographic factors is only the icing on the cake. These methods continue on a variety of wavelengths that go beyond the physical, mental, social, and emotional standpoint. Gender studies individuals tend to break stereotypes, but have no problem looking for ways and means to find objectives or flaws in something. These individuals are so motivated to solving problems and spreading around the pen of opinion, some have developed an obsession in wanting to spread awareness, universally true or false, but passing it off as fact.

Is this a trend? Perhaps to some, perhaps to none.