Tricks for the Lsat how to Beat the Lsat best Ways to Study and be Prepared for the Lsat

There are a number of tricks and/or strategies that you can use to help yourself succeed on the LSAT.  The number one most important “trick” is to be prepared.  This means that you have to study for the LSAT.  It is not a test that you can take without preparation unless you are Einstein or someone as equally brilliant.  Part of what the LSAT is testing is whether or not you have the ability to make a commitment to learning a new way of thinking and reading.  So go out and buy a LSAT prep book and study.  Get in touch with the organizers of the LSAT and have them send you copies of old LSAT tests and then study.  Once you have done all that you can to ensure that you are prepared there are a number of additional steps that you can take that may give you the edge you need to achieve your highest possible score on this test.

1. ANSWER ALL OF THE QUESTIONS – I repeat ANSWER ALL OF THE QUESTIONS.  Certain multiple choice tests deduct points if you answer the question incorrectly. Not the LSAT.  Your score is based on the numbers of questions you answer correctly.  So it is better to guess then to leave an empty answer.  You have a 20% chance of getting the answer correct and with each potential answer that you can eliminate your chance of getting the correct answer increases so ANSWER ALL OF THE QUESTIONS.

2. FINISH THE TEST.  This relates directly to answering all of the questions.  Do not allow yourself to get stuck on one question.  If you do not know the answer -GUESS- and move on.  You want to finish each section.  The reality is that the easier questions may be towards the end of the section.  The individuals who create the test are smart.  You are being tested on many skills.  One of these is the ability to manage your time and performance under pressure.  Each question gets no more then 90 seconds of your time.  Make this your rule.  If at the end of a minute and a half you do not have what you believe to be the correct answer, make your best guess and move on.  If you have time left over after completing the section you can go back and look at the question again.  But I repeat do NOT get stuck on one question.  I have seen this kill people’s score.

3. PAY ATTENTION TO THE TIME – relates back to one and two.  Since you have studied and since you have taken practice tests you should have you internal clock working with you.  You need to be able to tell approximately how much time has passed since the section started.  You are allowed to bring in a watch.  If you do not have one, buy one.  One with big numbers that you can see without any extra effort.  Check the watch and time after every seven questions to make sure you are staying within your allotted time limits.

4. Drive to the test location one or two times before the actual test date.  Make sure you know how to get there and how long it takes.  Step out of the car and walk to where the test will be given.  Sit down and visualize yourself taking the test. 

5. The month before the test make sure you are eating a healthy diet and not spending too much time out with friends and not focused.  You can have a wild time after the test is over.  The month before the test you body along with your mind is in training.  So get enough sleep, eat your vegetables and exercise.

6. The morning of the test wear comfortable clothes.  Make sure you leave early enough that you are not rushed.  You will need to sign in and go through an administrative process.  Bring a book or a magazine to read while you are waiting.  Do not pay attention to other people.  This test is about you and your skills.  Make sure you have your number two pencils and something to drink.  I recommend either straight water or a vitamin water.  You do not want to drink anything that is going to spike your blood sugar and then have it drop.  Eat a good breakfast before leaving your home.  High in protein low in fat.  You want food that is going to get your through the next four to five hours.  You do not want to be hungry or not feel well while taking the test.  A grilled chicken breast and half a bagel.  Whatever works for you it does not have to be traditional breakfast food.  Also do not consume so much liquid that you are running to the restroom every thirty minutes.

The more time and effort you put into preparing for the test the higher likelihood that you will be successful.  Study and use the strategies outlined above and before you know it, you will be purchasing your first Black’s Law Dictionary.