Maintaining your grades, whether for tuition funding purposes, meeting a requirement for extracurricular activities or for concern over where your class standing is, is very important in the student experience. The competitive environment of the educational experience and the importance of graduating makes it necessary for you to do all you can to perform at your best in your classes and sometimes that may entail utilizing your resources for assistance such as tutoring.  Timing in this situation can be crucial and it is to your benefit to get help as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you are in danger of failing or at the point in the semester where withdrawing from the course may no longer be an option if you cannot manage to grasp the material.  Here are some ways to help you decide if a tutor can help you to keep up your grades:

You have had trouble with similar material in the past

If math has never been your friend or you have never been able to write better than a c paper on any topic. Do not wait. Find a tutor before the class starts. This way you will have assistance from the beginning and may find the class a little less dismal when your grades start to boost your self-esteem along with the feeling that you were able to overcome a weak curricular area for yourself.

Your frustration level is excruciatingly high when trying to grasp the concepts being introduced

It does not take long to get lost in a subject when you don’t understand the material that came before. A lot of subjects progress. So if you are still struggling with last week’s material, chances are you will have more problems with this week’s. Take math for example, you can’t solve problems with fractions if you never learned to add or subtract first. If you are still feeling lost when your professor moves on, there is a good chance you will continue to stay lost and get further behind the rest of the class.

Your input versus your output is not equal

If you bomb a quiz you studied hard for and work diligently on assignments only to be disappointed with the grade, then consult with the professor and get specific feedback on what he or she was looking for. If it wasn’t a misunderstanding of what was expected, a tutor might be able to assist you in getting  the rewards of your hard work.

You hate the thought of going to class

 If you dread going to class and feel ill at the thought of having to learn any more on a subject, chances are you will tune out to any new material presented and avoid diligent study in the subject, since we as human beings avoid pain. Getting a tutor will boost your confidence when you start to understand the subject better. There is no guarantee you will become a fan of it, but at least you can get a good grade and not have to repeat the course.

The important thing to remember is that there is no shame in admitting when you need help and the earlier help is sought the better. Not everyone is great at every subject and sometimes having the information presented in a different manner may make you understand it better. Also, professors teach to the middle of the class. So if the majority of the class gets it, they tend to move on to the next objective. Personal attention and the time to work on a concept until you get it can make a big difference not just in the grade you receive for the class but in your attitude about school and your self-esteem.