Understanding the Bmat Admissions Writing Task

Understanding the BMAT admissions writing task is important if students are to complete it effectively. Firstly would-be undergraduates need to understand what they will be asked to undertake in the way of assignments. They will be offered one task from a choice of three essay titles and should write their answers in their own hand. Students should use up only one side of A4 paper.

They are allowed to write any preparatory notes as required, but shouldn’t waste too much time on doing this because the time spent on note making is taken from their 30 minutes  essay time. Often the would-be undergraduate students will be shown contentious quotes from famous and learned people, including academics and authors.They are expected to express their take on the quote, but  in a balanced, objective and informed manner. For example, students will be expected to show clearly and objectively they can  order, assess and explore philosophies and ideas, and put them across to readers in a concise and effective piece of writing.

Unfortunately they cannot refer to dictionaries or  books or digital or online resources of any kind. This is a good test of the level of general knowledge they have picked up in their general courses however, as clever and insightful students will be able to cross-reference ideas, quotes and philosophies from many other fields such as history, science, religious studies, geography, sociology, psychology – and most importantly, make connections between the enlightenment achievements in each field.

Their essays are all given a numerical score.  For these would-be undergraduate students to achieve a top score, they have to address every aspect of the essay title, completing the question as fully and roundly as possible. They need to  write  engaging and compelling pieces, being mindful always, of course, of exact grammar and vocabulary.  Their written English grammar must be perfect, and their arguments logical and well-sequenced, always thought through and developed to the end.

Understanding the BMAT admissions writing task is important and students should practice how to complete it effectively. When would-be undergraduates  understand what they will be asked to undertake in the way of assignments, their chances of achieving a top mark will be greatly enhanced, and this is worth the effort for their future academic success. After all, the BMAT is designed to pick out the talented young professionals of the future – the ones that citizens will rely on.