Understanding the Rising Costs of a College Education

Is this a surprise? College tuition rises quicker than the temperature these days. On average college tuition increases at least $1,000 a year and that is for in-state residents only. It is nearly impossible to keep up with the ongoing costs of a higher education. By the time a student graduates, they amass more debt than wealth. This has some college graduates questioning the value of an undergraduate degree. Everything from books to lab equipment seems to take a chunk out of the pocket. Have you ever wondered where this money goes or why it is so expensive? Here are some theories.


The college must maintain the premises at all times. They must keep it up-to-date because they often get visits from potential students. This constant pressure enables the costs to be high. There is no time for leaky roofs or cracks in the walls. Colleges must pay janitors to clean bathrooms. They must pay cleaning personnel to vacuum the rugs and wash the windows. Dormitories must be kept up. The larger the college, the more it costs.


A college must have a computer lab that is up to date. It must be kept it perfect condition just in case tours take place. Computers cost money. If they are upgraded, that costs as well. Every year things get more digital. Students must have a laptop to complete assignments. It is mandatory. It costs more to manage these things.


If the college has a large staff of teachers, this will cost you more. Depending on the size of the school and the level of education the teacher has, you will end up paying a lot of money. Be prepared.


Colleges are in the competition game. Each one is trying to put their best foot forward. Every college has to offer more than the next. They meet the standards of other universities in order to be in the race. Each college must be ahead in some way and this creates the environment for more spending.


In order to learn one must eat. Every student must have a well balanced meal in order to function. College students are known to eat a lot. The school must provide enough food to make the student comfortable. This includes all the major food groups.


Every college must pay taxes on the property. They must pay for electricity and gas as well. When the taxes go up, so do the costs and it is usually paid by the students. A school operates like a business. It has to keep up with certain expenses to remain open.

Marketing and advertising

Have you ever seen Berkley College on television? You notice how happy the students seem? Well, that is a commercial they use to draw customers in. Colleges have to market themselves on a regular basis. This is done through brochures and television commercials. Every college is different. Some use papers and magazines more. Others use a combination of marketing methods. Marketing costs money and guess who’s paying? You.

So there, these are the things that most colleges have to spend money on. Since they do not have enough of it, they are going to take it from you. The next time you go to a college, think about how much it costs. Tuition is not going to decrease anytime soon, so be prepared.