Universities with the best Bicycle Accommodations

•With prices at universities in the United States at an all time high, students are finding more and more ways to save money. One easy way for students who live near their university to save money is to ride a bike around instead of buying a parking permit which can cost hundreds of dollars.

Also, some are finding biking a good way to get exercise or just faster than walking. On an average day, in almost every university in America bicycles can be seen during the average day. Some only have a few, and others have made a name for themselves as a biking university.

The universities with the most bicycles often invest thousands of dollars for bicycle accommodations including special bicycle roads, extra bicycles lock up locations, and greater bicycle security. 

Listed are a few of the best universities for bicycle accommodations:

• Stanford University: Stanford was rated by the League of American Bicyclists as the best bike friendly university. Countless schools applied for this honor, and Stanford University was the only one who received the highest honors (platinum) by the L.A.B. According to Stanford University, over 21% of students and staff bicycle so it makes sense why they invest so much in bicycle accommodations. 

•University of California, Davis: Also within Northern California, UC Davis received the second highest honors by the League of American bicyclists. There must be something about Northern California and bicycling. Davis also boast incredibly high numbers for bicycle use on campus.

•University of California, Santa Barbara: California takes a clean sweep of the top three with UC Santa Barbara. Bicycling has been a tradition for almost as long as the university itself. If someone heard the students complaining about traffic, there is a good chance they’re talking about the bicycle traffic.

•California State University, Long Beach: CSU Long Beach continues the dominance of California but within the California State University system.

•Colorado State University: Colorado State University has recently invested large amounts of money for bicycle accommodations as the number of students riding bicycles has skyrocketed recently.

•Portland State University: While often unfairly considered a lesser school in Oregon when compared to Oregon State University and the University of Oregon, Portland State University takes the top prize for bicycle accommodations in the state of Oregon. It also continues the dominance of western states.

•University of Arizona: Every school on this list is from a western state. The University of Arizona completes the list at the seven best within their state.