University Fee Crisis in UK

There are about 210,000 non-EU students in UK according to a survey done in 2003-04, contributing 10.2 Billion GBP to UK economy through education exports.

Other than financial benefits, international students not only facilitate UK with cultural, academic and economic innovations, but also help foreign policy in-directly. They also provide cheap educated labour to the country.

According to a student, the only person who sleeps with an empty stomach on the UK soil, is an international student. Why is that? Roaring University fees, Home Office Visa Extension fees, high living expenses, low job placement because of accent and restriction of working only 20 hours a week also comes with the package.

Most of the International students come to the UK for Post graduate level programmes and with this high level of study and research, the only thing in their minds, during their educational period, is finance and How to match debt with credit. While most of them work in night shifts at supermarkets like Tescos and study in the morning making it nearly impossible for them to complete their course successfully. An yearly raise in university fee even more increases the unbearable burden and pressure, resulting in more than 50% of students to leave their studies incomplete.

For some reasons International students are treated as an alien, their very experience in UK from opening a bank account to securing a job is stressful. Even if they manage to open a basic bank account they are refused for credit. With this situation the Universities behave like blood sucking monsters by not even providing help or advice for international students struggling to pay fees. Not even a single University is working with credit agencies in providing with financial products aimed at International Students.

Government started a Prime Minister Initiative Programme in 1999 to help International students but there hopeless situation remains as the biggest failure of present government and the universities. If 90% of International Students could turn the clock backwards, they will never choose the UK to pursue their studies. If immediate action is not been taken, the UK Universities will loose their lots of revenue and the good will as well.

To study the same course,one student has to pay less and other has to pay 300 times more, just because he/she was born in different place. Is it not equivalent to denying the right of good education? When will we learn to treat every body equally?

Fawad Khaleel