University Guides City College Coventry England

City College Coventry was launched in February 2002 following the merger between the Coventry Technical College and the Tile Hill College. In its mission statement, the college emphasizes the need to respond to the diverse educational needs of its learners while continuously working towards raising the standard of its education and training services.

In addition, the City College Coventry also emphasize the importance of taking the education further into the business and social communities in order to expand the potential and the employability of its learners. In short, the mission statement of the Coventry City College stands as “Responding to diversity; raising the standard; taking education further.”

The student and staff population

The City College Coventry is the home for around 12,000 students out of which around 2500 are full-time students at the college. It also boasts of its 500 strong permanent staff while around 200 part-time teachers are also contributing towards its learning.

Location and partnerships

The college moved to its current location in Swanswell in the year 2009 and the present location is both a convenient and an exciting place to be for both the students as well as for the public in Swanswell. As Swanswell is situated at the edge of the city center, the college can easily be accessed through various modes of transportation. It also gives its students the ability to engage in their social activities without any disruption. It should also be mentioned that the City College Coventry maintains close partnerships with the Coventry University as well as with the University of Warwick.

Facilities available

The city college consist of several learning resource centers equipped with computers having full internet access, over 5000 full-text online journals, an extensive collection of books and journals, DVDs, videos and CDs, wide array of software, printing and photocopying as well as study areas for small group and individual learning. Furthermore, the college also consists of refectories, student services, Wi-Fi facilities as well as access for the disabled.

Learning programmes

The City College Coventry has commenced multiple training programmes in the areas of accounting and finance, administration and secretarial, art-design and craft, business, management and legal studies, childcare and early years, computing and information technology, engineering, construction, media, multimedia, higher education, health, social care, motor vehicle studies, music and music technology, science and performing arts…etc. The courses are conducted as full-time, part-time and as online courses for the convenience of its studentship.

The focus of the college

The strong customer focus is a hallmark of City College Coventry and according to its website; the college apprenticeship programme is one of the most successful in the region. Thus, many of the Coventry apprentices are employed at various industries in and around Coventry.

At the same time, the college also attracts more than 100 international students each year and its provision for English for Speakers of Other Languages and English as a Foreign Language makes it more attractive for those students. In addition, offering many courses aimed at adults have also made the college to be customer focused in many different fields.