University Guides Kirklees College England

Kirklees College in Northern  England is one of the foremost schools in teh country for furthering education, and has many world renown and award winning course degrees. Newly re-established on August 1 of 2008, Kirklees College is a merger of two prominent technical colleges named Dewsbury College which became a part of Huddersfield Technical College after its dissolution, which was later renamed. The College offers many courses for students wishing to further their education or become certified in specific technical and vocational subjects, the college also provides a number of apprenticeship programs, study abroad programs, and even offers employment placement services.

The University of Huddersfield existed between the years of 1896 and 1956 producing many highly successful and well-known graduates before being named Huddersfield Technical College. In 1970 it was once again renamed as the Huddersfield College of Technology, and Huddersfield is currently the site of a new campus that is under construction. The current campus and its adjoining utilities remains one of the colleges two primary locations.

The Dewsbury location contains three campuses including, The Batley School of Art, the main campus which is located on Halifax Road, and the Wheelwright campus. Due to the size of the Wheelwright campus it is the site of both the Sports and Fitness center activities, as well as all of the colleges art courses. Due to the sheer amount of open space and facilities that are available, the Wheelwright campus is home to the schools Award winning photographic academic program. Other art programs offered at the school include degrees in fashion, Graphic design, and fine arts for design.

In keeping with the times Kirklees college has an ever expanding vitual learning system which relies upon the Skydive learning program, and the construction of the new campus at Huddersfield will elevate the school’s academic profile. Kirklees College also has an expansive online library so students have even greater access to the resources they need in order to complete their degree programs.

Additionally, the college offers a wide variety of courses for both part time and full time students, giving greater flexible to students in how they register and attend classes. Kirklees College overs a wide variety of courses for students seeking to further their education or to attain their initial degree, the college is also fully accredited which makes almost all credits earned there valid at many other colleges across the nation.