University Guides University of Lincoln England

The University of Lincoln located in the United Kingdom is a modernized version of The Hull School of Arts which was founded in 1861, although it has expanded to offer students much more than the original school did. After the creation of the Lincolnshire Foundation in 1996 plans were made to revitalize the economy and community of Lincoln by expanding the current educational facilities there and building the first new structure in the city’s center in decades. In recent years the school has been climbing the ranks of the Guardian University Guide, rising 60 spots in just four years and in 2012 made the top 50 on the list.

The University of Lincoln has undergone many changes throughout the years and has become a thriving university centered on providing students with an exceptional education within any of the subjects listed in its ever-broadening course and degree catalog. After the construction of the Brayford campus in Lincoln and the modernization of many of the city’s old buildings to accommodate the needs of modern university life, the university took on its current title in 2001. Today the city is centered around life at the university, which has revitalized a community and boosted its economy to greater heights than it has seen in decades. In addition to the Brayford campus the university has also expanded to include campuses at both Southington and Hartford.

Today the school offers has degree programs covering a wide variety of subjects including Science, Business, Agriculture, and Art, including Journalism and the Performing arts. As a part of its business program the university offers a degree in Law, Social Sciences including Sports and Exercise science, as well as Social and Political Science. There is also a bustling research program that operates on the campus and provides such services as medical imaging for cancer treatment, anti-terrorism surveillance, and even the treatment of insomnia. These research opportunities give students the chance to conduct research which not only provides them with real world experience, but also holds great importance to its particular subject and field of expertise.

Life both on and off campus is student and school centered, with the entire city having been revitalized by the modernization of the school and its facilities the community serves student life to perhaps a greater extent than many other cities that have a university. With the University of Lincoln itself located only a few minutes from the center of the city there is always plenty of things for students to do and see that are within reasonable distance from the location of their classes. Although the new Brayford campus is the most modern of any building in the city of Lincoln, graduation ceremonies are held at the medieval Lincoln Cathedral, a distinguishing feature for a modern day university that is quickly earning the the reputation of providing excellency in education.