Unknown Facts about College

Money, Cost, Loans, Family, Job and You want it when…

I am a mom with 3 girls taking college courses right now. They all have to hold down a full time job, have children, husbands, payments, and BILLS! I also have 2 children in Junior High so some days I am at my wits end… Recently, the girls applied for student loans and I have never been so ashamed of our college systems. They are White Americans we get the least amount of help out there. Because they were born and raised here in the good ole U.S. of A the grants, student loans, scholarships, and whatever else is more costly to them. The girls get student loans to help them pay for school and to make ends meet for each year of school. They all work full time outside of school and have families, but the places that do all these help loans don’t want to help the working moms and/or dads of the U.S.. I see them struggle each year with their college finances and wonder just what are the schools going to do when the American Students can’t attend their fine school and they have to depend on Iraq, Iran, Africa, and all the other outside countries for students that don’t have to pay a dime for an education. What will become of the precious colleges then? I have to pay taxes on a school that won’t help my children. I am suppose to accept the way the U.S. is doing business.. I THINK NOT..
We have shut our eyes long enough to what our government and schools are doing to the American people. We have paid a war tax for years. When we were not in a war. We pay to rebuild their countries that we go to war with but has one ever helped rebuild our country after the blew our up. But its ok for us to educate their children to make them smarter and we won’t charge them. So when they take the knowledge we give them back they can cause more damage to us because we are STUPID. How many doctors have you visited lately with and American name. 0 ok maybe there is 1.
Why is there drugs in college? Well, how else are they going to pay for their education the United States isn’t going to help them. Its a shame they aren’t of a different nationality then there would be no questions asked, just handed a check. Why is there hand guns in colleges..Well, lets see, the students that have finally earned enough money for books will be damned if some fool is going to steal it. Cause then the student knows he or she will have to pay for it instead of renting it, a book my tax dollars has purchased. Now that is another thing. I purchased the books with my American Tax Dollars but my child has to rent them from the school. Hmmm, sounds like crap to me but who am I.. OH, yea, I am the foolish American that pays for everything through taxes and who’s child can’t get a decent education because I can’t afford the books, that I bought. I am the parent of children who want more out of life but to pay taxes to an ungreatful government and school system.
Maybe we should teach our children to speak a different language and tell them never to speak english in an English speaking country it works for all the for Non-American, Non-English speaking people of the world, and then they could afford their housing, school, families, and maybe even a bill or two. YA THINK !