Unusual Ways to Fund your College Years

So your parents are well off, but want you to pay for most of your college experience as a learning experience, and this results in your receiving no Pell Grants. Perhaps your grades are too low for scholarships, and you are not an amazing athlete. Maybe grandma and grandpa aren’t filthy rich.

How do you pay for school? Heck, how are you going to pay for life while you go through college?

The traditional ways are obvious: get into the service industry and work your fingers to the bone begging for tips.

Or you could go the more unusual route. Some college students have found that the following approaches not only fund their college years, but get them started down a surprisingly profitable road. All of these have been done.

#1 Buy a condo
That’s right, buy a condo. If you don’t have a credit history, you won’t be able to get a mortgage, so get your folks to co-sign.

This approach works because it does two things. First, when you are the owner of the condo, the rent being paid to you pays the mortgage. Thus, your housing costs are taken care of. What is more, if you find a good condo, you can often put together an income of a few hundred dollars a month, above and beyond what your mortgage payment requires.

Now think about what might happen if you bought a condo when you first started college, then two years later bought another one and moved into it? Your income from the first place would increase since you could rent your room out, as would the equity. Also, your housing costs would continue to be taken care of. Finally, you would be adding a couple hundred dollars to your income.

Pretty soon you’re gonna be the Donald Trump of your campus. If this sounds farfetched to you, go to a mortgage officer in a bank and run the idea by them. They’ll tell you that it is a great idea.

#2 Work online
Sure, there are plenty of scams out there, but with some research you can find reputable survey, review and writing sites. In fact, you are on one of these sites right now.

With survey sites paying at least a dollar per survey, writing sites sometimes paying a few dollars per article, and other sites adding to this income, you can work twenty hours and start building a good online income fast. I kid you not; if you put eighty hours a month into your online work, you can quickly build a steady income.

Also, you could start a business online. The potential is almost limitless. If you can find a niche for your local area, you can soon attract some impressive ad revenue for your site. One graduate student saw that there was a lack of forums for homeschoolers online, so he built one and now has several hundred dollars coming in each month from ad revenue.

#3 Services
There are all kinds of services you can sell that other people will want to buy. You could be a babysitter, house or pet sitter, tutor or even a house cleaner. How do you get your name and services advertised? Try websites like www.craigslist.com or local free classifieds.

You would be surprised at how quickly you could build up a good client base.

#4 Blog
This has a separate section because it is not the same as working online. This is more of a writing job that you can do for your university. It’s true! Many universities are hiring bloggers to blog about their college experience. These universities are seeing that these students’ blogs help prospective students get a real window into the lives of students on their campus.

#5 Sell plasma
Okay, this is not going to fund your college years entirely, but it will put cash in your pocket. Many college towns have plasma centers to which healthy donors can go twice a week, or about eight times a month. These donors spend about an hour and a half to two hours each visit and they get paid as much as $200 per month.

Of all of these somewhat unusual ways to fund your college experience, the first one is easily the most lucrative and effective. While it might be intimidating to think about buying a condo and being a landlord, it is done all the time. You might actually be surprised at how often this happens at colleges. So give it a try and become the next Donald Trump!