Using other Sources for Information – No

There are many type of sources that can be used that are considered legitimate and even full of information, this is not one of them. It is a combination of not only a lot of articles and information from a lot of subjects and places that it cannot be considered a proper source to quote from in a single instance. Most high schools are not allowed to use this as a legitimate source at any time, because the information is from several different sources, so there is no way to actually mark down from what source the information is from. Like many other sources there is a way to pin point the information, but with this source a person cannot just pin point one, but several, making it confusing for other people that actually double check the sources. This should not be one of the allowed sources that any student uses at all, to grab information from, at any moment because like the dictionary or online there are many places in which the information could be from and many people that can claim it. 

It can be difficult to tell a student how many sources to have, and how many of them, are actually legitimize because many of the right sources can be repetitive and also just about a handful. However this can be the method that many people need to also pick up other sources such as books and even papers to let people know how many other kinds of information there is out there. Like many kinds of information out there, people just need to know that there are many other outlets for people to choose from, that are not at all secluded. These outlets of information, probably carry a lot more information than the internet or other sources that are there.

One other thing that can come from students using other sources for information and to quote is to not allow them to stick to one type of information and to allow them to think and learn about other types of sources that exist that came before the internet and anything else. This is one of the best things for any student that can help them in the long run. Several students have actually located other sources of information when they are doing a research paper, and they are coming up with ideas on what to write overall.