Volunteer Work College Volunteer Work Winter Break

Going to school can be a fulfilling endeavor at any age.   If you are attending college and are uncertain as to what field you may want to major in, volunteer work gives you some great ideas.  A winter break from school gives you the opportunity to get a taste of some areas that may interest you and at the same time, help others in need.  There are many ways in which someone can help.  It is always wise to make a list of places you are interested in helping, before hand.  Sometimes there are waiting lists for more popular organizations, while others can’t seem to get anyone to help.

Depending on the size of town you live in, your local community phone book can help you get started.  It is usually listed under volunteer.  If that is not an option, try your local city hall.  City hall will usually have a list of places or will direct you to any welfare offices that you may obtain a list from.

Meals on Wheels-your local area will sometimes provides services for the elderly who cannot leave their  home to get a meal.  When patients are home bound meals are usually delivered everyday.  Their staffing sometimes drops off during the winter months due to holidays or they need more people due to a higher demand for help.

Libraries-If you like to read, it is a great time to volunteer your services as a reader to the young.  Winter breaks are also a great time for children to work on their reading abilities and are sometimes in need of a tutor.  Libraries often hold more indoor activities during the winter months which also call for more volunteers.

AARP-Check your local AARP organization which will also be listed in the phone book.  This organization maintains a list of possible volunteer opportunities for the young and old alike.

Veterans Administration-Any local Veterans Administration office may be able to help locate the need for volunteers in their hospital or any local office that caters to Veterans.

Fire Departments-Whether you hail from a small town or large, some fire departments obtain help from volunteers.  It can vary  any where from sweeping the floor, to help roll hoses.  It also gives you an up close and personal look at the hard work these men and women give to their community every day.

Local Animal Shelters-Winter time can be especially trying for them.  It is the time of year that people think they want to purchase a cute and cuddly pet for their children, only to be bored with the pet within a matter of days.  This finds the shelter bombarded with an overabundance of animals they might not normally have any other time of year.  You can volunteer time and/or money to this cause.

American Red Cross-Your local American Red Cross takes volunteers.  This may be a more lengthy process than you have time for, but nevertheless, quite a worthwhile one.  Once again, if time is not a luxury, perhaps money or donating blood is more up your alley.

No matter the organization, getting a feel for other areas of life is always a valuable learning experience for anyone.