Ways for College Students to Volunteer during Winter Break Volunteer College Shelter help

Besides being on vacation, college students can get a refreshment of the spirit by volunteering their time during winter break. There are many helpful, and even educational, ways to put those volunteering spirits to good use. Lots of companies and individuals are in need of volunteers at all times, but during the cold winter, the need is even greater with holidays underway. Some ways for college students to volunteer during winter break are:

Volunteer at an animal shelter: millions of homeless pets fill these places to the brim all season long. Shelters need volunteers to do a multitude of tasks such as feeding/watering the animals, cleaning the animal’s housing area, washing laundered items that staff members use on the animals, and even something as simple as being a playmate or walker for certain animals.

Volunteer at a homeless shelter: men, women, and children experiencing homelessness, flock to homeless shelters across the nation, especially during winter. Shelters rely on volunteers to aid with meal preparation, intake, cleaning, reading to those who can’t, and just being a friend to someone in need. This is a truly rewarding experience.

Volunteer at a church: churches are forever extending much needed aid to people in need. During the winter, many churches are over-burdoned with tasks that require many helping hands. Some things a church may need help with are meal preparation, delivering food or blankets to those in need, hosting holiday events for families, and purchasing gifts/toys to be extended to persons/families that need them.

Volunteer at a nursing facility: individuals that reside at these facilities are often lonely and in need of a listening ear, or a loving hug. Volunteer some time singing, playing games, reading, watching a movie with someone, or simply talking to a person in a comatose state so that they know someone is near, and cares. The best thing to do is talk to the administrator and staff to get an suggestions on what to do to be of help.

Volunteer for families and friends: offer to help with babysitting, shopping, errands, or cleaning. These services are some of the best things to do for someone. They will really be appreciative as well!

Don’t let the winter break pass by without sharing a little time during the season of giving. Not only does it boost self-confidence and self-worth, it could be the best, or most needed action for someone, or some animal, in need of a little help. While there is no payment involved in volunteering during winter break, the rewards received will stretch farther than any dollar ever dreamed possible.