Ways to Ease Parents Minds while Kids are in College

It is a fact that parents only want the best for their children, and therefore, they worry about them. The worry can increase when a child goes off to college. There are some things that kids can do to put their parents mind more at ease while they are in college.

*Call. Make it a point to call your parents a couple of times a week (or more). They will enjoy hearing your voice, and you might just figure out how good it is to hear their voice as well. You can do a rapid fire of all the cool things that have happened since the last time you spoke.

*Write/Email. Take some time once in awhile and actually write a letter or email and send it to your parents. Include photos and/or other little mementos. Tell them how college life is treating you, talk about the cute boy/girl that works at the local pizza joint or even complain about the professor that is so tough on you.

*Visit. When you get a break from classes, make the trip home to see your family and friends. Never under estimate the value of that unexpected visit. Phone calls and letters are great, but nothing beats seeing their child in person and knowing that they are alright. Besides, you always have a little laundry that could use washing, right? Seriously, parents worry when they do not know exactly where their child is or how they are or if they eat dinner on time. Sometimes visiting at the holidays just is not enough for parents. Surprise them when you get the chance.

*Text. In between classes, shoot your parents a text just to say “Hi”. Let them know you are thinking about them. Even if your parents are not techno savvy, at least they will know you cared enough to try. Some parents might even be willing to learn how to send and receive text messages just so they can have that fun little way of communicating through out the day/week.

*Keep Them Informed. Send them copies of your scheduled classes, work schedule and even social agenda. No doubt this last suggestion got some eyes rolling and declarations of insanity. The truth is, college is supposed to be a time of spreading your wings and getting a glimpse of the adult world, no one wants to tell their parents they are going to kegger this weekend. Think about this: picture your parents when they were in college. Is it possible that they also partied just a little in between studies and classes? Probably. There is no question that your parents do not want to hear that you are drinking or are at least thinking about it. The simple fact is, they worry about you and would rather hear about your weekend plans, rather than hear nothing at all. Face it: parents will worry about their kids as long as they are alive. Instead of viewing it as a pain in the neck, how about giving them less to worry about?

The college years can be the best years of a young person’s life, or so they say anyway. Parents worry about their children from the time they are born until…well, they never really stop worrying about their kids. As you adjust to life as a college student, it is good to call, write and visit in person whenever possible. Doing these things often will help to ease parents minds a little bit.