Ways to get Financial help Obtaining a Phd Degree

Studying to get a PhD is perhaps one of the biggest investments one can make. You will dedicate a lot of time and money due to tuition fees, course hours, books, and all other necessities for the time you are in the PhD program.  However, you have to be extremely careful in other aspects of  trying to obtain your PhD.  In the case in the United States, according to the Wikipedia entry, most colleges and universities have set a ten-year limit.

Before you think about trying to obtain the financial aid, you need to carefully think about whether you really want to get a PhD or not.  You will dedicate much money and a decade of your life.  Not everybody that begins in the PhD program will obtain one.  

In terms of getting getting financial assistance, it is highly unlikely that one would be able to get a part-time job.  Due to the full load of courses required for a PhD, one might not have the time to do a part time job.  However, there are still plenty of ways to get the necessary financial help if one is in a PhD program.

There lies the question: How do you obtain financial assistance while trying to obtain a PhD?

The first thing you have to consider is what field of study you want to obtain your PhD in.  Plus, you have to examine the aid offered by the school you are going to.  In the case of the United States, you could get a tuition waiver.  That really eases up the money.  On top of that, you could get an annual stipend.  The amount received in the annual stipend varies from one field to another.  That also varies from one school from another.

In the case of the United Kingdom a.k.a. Great Britain, there are stipends, tuition fee waivers, and grants.  So far, it is said that scientific fields tend to get a higher amount in the annual stipend.  

In a BBC article back in 2008 talks about how Britain was hurt by the lack of support to people that are trying to obtain PhDs.  The article said that it could be tough to find the necessary funding in that respect.  

On one page of the website for Virginia Commonwealth University, there are ways explained in getting financial help.  One method would be getting a graduate research assistant-ship, fellowship, or tuition assistance.  In the case of this website page, the field is in respect to social work.

As explained earlier, most are discouraged from getting a part-time job outside of campus.  But, PhD students are able to have teaching jobs on campus.  They will be paid as adjunct faculty members if they are contracted to teach a class.  

At the Stanford Graduate School of Business, its PhD Program provides financial aid to qualified students.  There are also the aspect of assistant-ships, grants, loans, and so forth.  

In short, the methods to obtain funding differs from the country, the school, and the field of study.  Before you even think about getting funding while obtaining a PhD, you need to plan beforehand.  

If you have access to a computer, you can spend an hour writing articles for Helium.com, Associated Content.com, etc.  

If you have received financial assistance from a military enlistment, you can take advantage of the education benefits.  There are many people in the military that have PhDs.  If you are current or former military and you qualify for tuition assistance, take advantage of it.  

Most of the funding seems to come in the form of fellowships.  However, you need to make sure you even qualify for funding.  Each country, school, and field has its own set of criteria to meet.  The United Kingdom does have its own set of criteria which can be different from the United States, Canada, etc. Think carefully on what field you want to get a PhD in.

Overall, there are many ways to get funding while obtaining a PhD.  But, it takes plenty of research.  Before going into a PhD program, make sure you research every aspect.