Ways to Pay for College in High School

College is a daunting feat to pay for if you are a regular student attending a high school in America. The price of tuition has increased at a pace that is faster than tuition and the money available seems to never be enough. The problem is that students do not know how to start paying for college while they are in high school. There are several ways to do this and they are inexpensive compared to paying for college tuition. The greatest relief is that you can pay for college before you even get there. This will help you think through this whole process instead of going the easy route and overburdening yourself with student loans.

The first way to pay for college in high school is to find out about AP classes that are made available at your local high school. AP classes are called advanced placement classes because they give you a boost into college by providing the rigidity of a college class. If you take courses like this you can take the test for each of the classes to get credit. Usually a course in college is about 3 credit hours. At about $400 a credit, you would save $1200 if you passed just one test. In most cases you will need to score above a 3 in order to receive credit but you will need to check at your prospective college. The second way is to take the CLEP tests that are also made available for anyone that thinks they do not need all of the basic courses. This test gives you a chance to pass any course over so that you do not waste time or unnecessary money. It’s an option worth looking at because the test itself is not expensive and is a lot better than paying the full price of tuition for any class. Finally you can start looking for scholarships even during your first year in high school. You will realize that scholarships are not exclusively for seniors but for juniors, sophomores and freshman. Think about how many you can accumulate if you start early on in your high school years. Eventually, you could have all of the funds you need and not have to worry about money while attending college. That will give you a great advantage and a chance to focus solely on your studies. After all, you need all the money you can get if you want to come out with no debt.

Take these options seriously and consider which route you may need to take to assure that you get ahead and stay ahead with your college funding.