Ways to Procrastinate in College

There are many ways to procrastinate in college. Procrastinating is a very easy thing for anyone to do. Most people simply get caught up in other things, and think that they can always do their coursework “later.”  This is what procrastination is about:  saving work for later.

Whether you are struggling with an assignment, bored with your work, or simply have better things to do, you may choose to procrastinate.  The activities you choose to aid in your procrastination may be very enjoyable for you.  After all, you would rather be participating in them than finishing your assignments.

Time spent with friends or family can be a very enjoyable way to procrastinate.  Friends and family are often doing something far more interesting around the time you are trying to study.  The compulsion to spend time with friends rather than doing schoolwork is very strong. Your friends are there, they are doing something exciting, and you want to be a part of it. Somehow, your schoolwork seems less and less compelling.

Time spent on entertainment can be distracting as well as entertaining. The television is on, your favorite show is on, and you want to watch it. It’s true that schoolwork sometimes seems a lot less entertaining than television. The same goes for video games. Yes, schoolwork is not as compelling as that new video game you just bought. Entertainment is just that: meant to entertain you.

Time spent stressing over the specifications of the assignment is a very common way to procrastinate. This is not an enjoyable way to procrastinate, but it is easily accomplished.  You’ve looked at the requirements, and you’ve looked at the specifications. Now, you’re wondering: “how am I ever going to accomplish this?” You spend all of your time worrying about how you are going to get started and never actually get to the starting part.

Time spent researching can be another very easy way to procrastinate. You get so sucked into research that you have little time left to do the actual assignment. Things like this happen.  If you are the type of person who enjoys learning new things, this can be very enjoyable for you.  You satisfy your curiosity and do not even realize how long it has been.

Many college students procrastinate from time to time.  In fact, many experts recommend taking frequent breaks.  Whether you are thinking about your next project or simply desire a break, procrastinating can be a very enjoyable way to delay.