What are Key Benefits of being a University Alumni

There are many benefits to being the alumni of a university. Aside from being able to frame and hang the associated degree, alumni now have many perks at their fingertips. Services offered by universities to its graduates can save them money and provide other useful perks too.

Campus Events

One key benefit that is offered to many university alumni is the inclusion at many campus events. Alumni who provide their universities with current contact information often receive invites to events for the university. Events include openings of new campus areas, awards ceremonies and presentations. While some events are free, alumni often receive discounted admissions ones that are not. Universities want to maintain the support of its graduates and recognize these people represent them in the community.

At these events, there are often food and beverages. Alumni can speak with current university staff and make helpful business contacts too. Alumni may even be approached to speak at the events, which looks great on the resume and provides them a chance as well to give back to the facilities.

Discounted Pricing On-Campus

Another key benefit of being a university alumni is the discounted pricing on many activities based on-campus. For example, alumni are often offered discounted rates at the university gym. The universities offer lower prices as an effort to keep the graduates’ close ties to the university and maintain their support. These benefits can certainly help graduates to save money!

Alumni also often receive lower prices than members of the general public at campus gift shop purchases.  Many universities also allow its graduates to use the library and its services at no cost as a reward for being a member of the alumni.

Discounted Pricing Off-Campus

Off-campus, many alumni also get discounts on products and services of companies who have partnerships with the university. For example, SFU offers its members discounted rates for extended benefits from Manulife Financial. Some universities represent credit card companies and give alumni special rates or offer them rewards that are university-related for card usage.

There are many benefits of being a university alumni. Graduates should contact their universities to see if they are eligible for discounted rates of any services or products. These perks are offered by universities to keep the support of graduates and to thank people who have received their education through the facilities. Be proud to have a degree and maintain ties to the university as an alumni member.