What do College Fraternities and Sororities do

Like with most things there’s are advantages and disadvantages to joining a college sorority or fraternity. These special kind of campus clubs have been around and associated with colleges and universities since the early 1700’s. Students during that time established fraternities and sororities to encourage their friends to participate in outside activities. Fans of fraternities and sororities today, argue that the Greek System provides students with lifelong friendships and leadership skills. Others feel these special clubs are nothing more than an excuse for getting drunk and engaging in potentially dangerous pranks. 

Each fraternity and sorority has its own reputation such as the geek house, the culture club, the jock house, and so on. Based on your own personal observation determine how much of the hear-say you believe. Membership to one of these clubs is obtained through a formal, informal or summer rush procedure. Formal rush usually takes place before school or at the beginning of fall or spring semester. Informal rush usually takes place after the formal rush period. A series of open house parties is usually the way rush week begins. The parties last about a half hour to an hour each. This gives members and potential members a chance to get to know each other.Then come the longer invitational parties which are generally more elaborate. The last round of parties are the preferential ones. By this time the clubs have narrowed down their choices of who they would like to invite into their fraternity or sorority. You will only be invited to this kind of party if you are a top contender. Rush week is usually one week in length and it can be quite stressful from meeting with large groups of people each and every day.

The main advantages to joining a fraternity or sorority include the following: rush week can be a great time for those who are social butterflies, the housing choices can be better than standard dorm living, you can gain a large number of friends, it teaches you valuable social skills and how to be at ease in social situations, you learn a great deal about leadership, form valuable social networks and forge your own sense of identity.

Some of the disadvantages with belonging to a fraternity or sorority include the following: rush week can be a brutal  time with having to put on your best face as you meet endless rounds of people, if you do not get accepted the rejection can be devastating to some, you may find it difficult to expand upon the friends you meet when you are always with the same group of people, you might find that it’s a time waster, it can be very difficult to get all of your school work done when you are involved in all of the activities and it can be a financial strain to belong.

You can always get out of the club by withdrawing your membership. Listing your own set of pros and cons can be quite helpful in making your decision as to whether or not you want to pursue a fraternity or sorority. Make sure you spend enough time considering all of the advantages and disadvantages as they relate to you personally before making a final decision.