What every College Student should know

There are a couple of things that can put a college student at ease. These are the things you should be aware of as a college student.

Finances – Everyone in college is broke. Don’t feel bad if you can’t afford things. Your dorm roommate probably can’t afford much anyway. If you find yourself upset or depressed about finances, be open about it. You will find that nearly everyone else is in that same boat with you. Most people are paying for college through government/private loans. Some through scholarships. In the end, most people don’t have a lot of money left over. Even work studies as well as part time jobs don’t completely supplement the expenses of college.

Busy – Everyone in college is busy. The biggest pet peeve for college students who have been studying for a long time is to hear about how busy you are. No way, you have a part time job, are involved in three campus organizations, and have a paper due on Monday. You are busy and so am I. Don’t make your business seem more important than other people’s business. College students are very busy people.

Free time – Even though you are so busy, you will realize that there is surprisingly a lot of free time where you feel like you don’t think you need to be doing anything. The key is to remember that you should probably be using your free time to study in the library or even get ahead in some of your reading for your classes. College students who use this free time wisely do well in their classes and in their personal lives. It is a tedious balancing act.

How to pass – There is a funny trend in the high school college transition. High school students who were popular and had a lot of friends often times get involved in drinking and smoking weed during college. The “losers” in high school, on the other hand, often times find college refreshing because they are finally in a place where they are academically challenged and can overlook all the immaturity seen in high school. They flourish. If you drink, party, and don’t do your homework, don’t expect to do well in college. It’s not like you can copy someone’s stupid history worksheet. In college, you write papers, you don’t do worksheets. Stealing someone paper is plagiarism and you will get kicked out.

Relationships – Relationships happen in college. The best advice is to use a condom to prevent pregnancy. You do not want to study full time and go through a pregnancy. Unless you think you can handle it. Never let relationships take over your studying. Spending every night with your lover is counterproductive to studying. Meeting two or three times a week when you have time can be beneficial to your academic life. This allows you to have someone to share your stress with.

That’s what every college student should know about college. Remember that everyone is broke, everyone is busy, and that you should make good use of your time at college. There is a lot of time in college. But it goes by quickly; make it the best years of your life. High school was nothing compared to the amazing accomplishments you can achieve in college.