What every College Student should know

Going to college is a big journey.  New experiences are abound, as is a newfound sense of independence.  This can be both fun and overwhelming, and it is important to be careful in what you do.  You are finally on your own, and no one telling you what to do means that you are responsible.  The following are some things that every college student should know.

It is important to go to class.

No one is going to come and find you because you are skipping class.  No one is going to ground you, and the teacher might not even notice.  However, your grades just very well might.  College is so different from high school – it’s up to you to keep yourself grounded in your studies.  It can feel very liberating to know that you do not have to go to class if you do not want to but you should be aware of the consequences.  College courses can be difficult and missing a class can make it harder to grasp lessons.  Continually missing classes can bring you to the point in which it is very hard to make it up.  Although the freedom might seem nice, you should attend all of your classes (unless you have a true, valid reason that you can’t).

You should not let the partying get out of control.

It is very easy to start partying… and partying… and partying.  It is great to have a nice time in college, but you do want to be careful in what you do.  You should make sure that your partying does not begin to affect your grades lest you find yourself gone from the college all together because your grades couldn’t keep up.  You also want to be careful about drinking.  Sometimes people take their newfound independence in college too much to the extreme, and they pay for it for a long time to come.

Take advantage of all that the college has to offer.  Many people say that college was the best time of their lives.  There are many things to do on a college campus.  Explore.  Meet new people.  Root for the home team.  Try new things.  This is an exciting time of your life, before you have to go to work and for most before they have a family and many of the responsibilities that come with later life.  Enjoy yourself.  By keeping your life in a balance, you will do just fine.