What is a Bachelors Degree

Many people have a lot of confusion when they finish high school and pre-university as to what they want to do next. Some may think that they could work part time and study in the evening to a many a degree that is offered both on-line and by neighborhood institutions. But when somebody does a bachelors degree, it is not just the education that one receives at the college/university that is to be taken into account. It is the whole package which constitutes the academic part for the major part but it just doesn’t stop at that. It is the whole experience of living in a hostel, spending time with your peers, working on projects together, taking time off study for a field study or project and spending time doing an internship to gain professional knowledge. It is also the time spent in participating in extra curricular activities to enhance ones communication skills and leadership ability. And the best part is possibly the friendships that are fostered which would last to the end of life. These are people who you would continue to interact when you have families, kids and staring a working life. The friendship doesn’t just end for the 3 or 4 years while you do your undergraduate degree. Hence, to me, a bachelor’s degree is not just the years spent in study but the wholesome experience of living combined with the study role that one undertaken for a fixed period of time.

But coming back to the larger question of the degree to be pursued itself, it can vary from a Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Science to bachelor of engineering to a bachelor in business administration to bachelor in law etc. These are some of the common degrees that most people enroll themselves in. But most universities usually combine some degree together. for eg. They might present a bachelor of science or Bachelor of Arts degree for an engineering student like is the case in some places of USA. It totally depends on the university that gives the degree. The famous MIT has an altogether different format. They confer S.B degree for their bachelor’s graduates which are essentially a bachelor of science but is worded different. Or for example, in India an engineering degree can take the form of BE (bachelor of Engineering) or a B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) but both of these are the same in reality. So whatever degree may be attained in university, all degrees provide a set of good analytical skills and knowledge and is more a generalist’s degree so that one may have the option of switching careers even after a bachelors degree.